Days & Weeks

That's how long it's been since I've posted here.
A month, actually.

I miss it, you know.
I do.
Writing here.
I was funny here.
Well, at least I thought I was funny.
Witty. Perhaps that's the better word.

But I digress.
As I typically do.

Let's see: Updates.
I suck at blogging. Duh.
I still jiggle, but I have taken up running.
(I know. I don't even know myself anymore!)
On Monday I ran for five minutes in a row.
If you know me you know  how amazing of a feat this is.
On Tuesday, I ran for six minutes in a row.
Today, Eight.
Tomorrow, Nine.
Friday I will run for ten minutes.
In a row.

Little steps to fitness.
But I'm taking them.

Who knew I made fun of running because I actually wanted to be a runner.

I recently went back to Austin to shoot a wedding.
You can see it here.
Along with a very personal post about starting a business.
About making failure an option.

I've been sewing.
A raincoat.
A few dresses.
Some quilt blocks.
Business cards.
DVD Sleeves.
You know, the usual.

I am thinking about offering portrait mini sessions later this summer
but don't know if there's any interest.

I am shooting an engagement session tomorrow
at Aamodt's in Stillwater.
I've actually gone out and purchased props.
It's going to (hopefully) be crazy beautiful and romantic
and full of soft prettiness.
Last night DRL, the girls, and I went and tested the light:
It's divine.

On Monday, I took photos of my BFF's little boy.
He's six months old already!
And completely adorable.
Case in point:

I adore taking photos of couples. 
And kids.
Can I just specialize in those two things?
That'd be great.

And then I'll blog and sew to make some supplemental income.

Pretty please??

In any event, I promise to try and get back to blogging a little more regularly on here.
But if you miss me, always always always feel free to check in on me
at the other little website I have.