Felt Carrots and Sneezes

I made Elena a felt carrot (or two) along with a hamburger bun, tomato, lettuce, and cheese slice. I have yet to make the actual hamburger patty (I don't have dark brown felt, yet), but she thinks it's pretty great! I saw a sandwhich on Etsy and thought, "Hey, I could do that." And for less than the $30 the seller was charging. In fact, all the supplies cost just over $7 and I have enough for 3 carrots, probably 6 pieces of lettuce, 4 tomatoes, 6 cheese slices, and 3 buns. Talk about discount! Plus, I can say that they are handmade by me, and not someone else!

This weekend was spent lazing about the backyard, and the other day I must've caught some pollen in my nose and I let out a rather large sneeze. Elena comes up behind me, tugs on my shirt, and I turn around to hear my precious darling say, "Bless you." With a giant grin on her face. She was soooo proud! As was I. It's adorable, really. So the next time you're around her...be sure to sneeze! (Sidenote: She can tell when it's fake, and the aaaah....ahaaaah..ahchoooooo! does not elicit a "bess ewe" from our Little One.)

In other news I only have three weekends left of the semester and then I can finally relax for a month before the flurry of weddings that is coming this fall is upon me. Sigh. Now, I just need to figure out how to write a 3 page reflection on my volunteering that I recently did, a 5 page research paper draft on international adoption (pro), a panel presentation on that same topic, and a FMLA presentation for business law. Oh, and all of that is due THIS WEEKEND.




Here are a couple of photos I took of springtime. And the rainbow that arched itself just outside my front door this evening.  The camera didn't do it justice.

Amazing Rainbow....

...from across the street.




Side? Go? Peese!

This is what Elena says when she wants to venture outdoors, and if we don't oblige screaming ensues, followed by a flood a tears and a dramatic enactment of hyperventilation.  Even if it's raining. Or nighttime. Or the apocalypse.  My child would gladly be smote with fire and brimstone for the chance at a mere moment outside this cursed box her father and I have the audacity to call her home.  Me, I'd rather sit on my couch eating cookies and watching the Biggest Loser...but I think Elena might be onto something...

Here are some photos I took of her enjoying her nice, lush, toiled over for the last two years so it doesn't resemble a vacant overrun lot of weeds and crabgrass, yard.

Sand Transport.
Sandboxes are the BEST!

Pretty in her dress.

In case you forgot we own a dog. She likes the sun, too.

Looking cute with her shades.

Poking Buddy with a stick
Note:  The dog BARKS incessantly and probably deserves the poking.

She is going to be a gardener, just like her gramma.



Elena likes to pull my shirt up just enough to catch a glimpse of the tattoo I have on my back. She points and says "tattoo," and she does this incessantly! Her recent fascination with my tattoo has got me itching for a new one. Coincidentally, facebook connected me with an old high school buddy and he happens to be a tattoo artist. After some collaboration he drew me this tattoo and I fully intend to have it permanently etched onto my skin. I know some of you readers aren't into to body art, and I can appreciate that, but I wanted to share the drawing because I think it's amazing. And tattoo lover or not, I'm hoping you will too.
artwork by Joe Hennessey