The ExerSaucer and the Octopus

Today, Elena tried out the ExerSaucer that she got from Logan Kocher. She seemed to be really interested in all the different toys. She's probably still a bit young to take full advantage of all the saucer has to offer, but she still enjoyed trying it out. And anything that pleases the baby, pleases mom and dad! The yellow octopus i is by far her favorite. It "sings" three songs every time you touch it -- Where is Thumpkin, 3 Blind Mice, and Row Row Row Your Boat. She smiled at it quite a bit. Guess we should have put this toy together sooner!!

**ExerSaucer Update**3/12/2008
Elena got a new ExerSaucer this weekend. Though she was quite fond of the little yellow octopus, she didn't really like anything else about the old saucer. She couldn't reach any of the toys, so it would frustrate her any time she was put in it. She'd get sooooo mad. So, daddy decided that we simply must get her a fancy schmancy new version of the old classic. The new one's got all the bells and whistles, and it will even convert to a play table when she's old enough to stand on her own. I'll post new photos once we snap some.

Rice Cereal

Elena had her first solid food yesterday... a little bit of rice cereal mixed with some breast milk. She actually enjoyed it - though little made it into her mouth.
We were quite amazed that she actually put the right end of the spoon into her mouth -- probably just good luck! It marks another milestone, so I thought I'd share the photos. They were just too cute to keep to ourselves. We'll be trying the cereal again this evening, and perhaps she'll have better luck keeping some in her mouth. Well, she's crying to be fed now, so that's all for today!


Good to Know....

Will and Rebecca Weber gave DRL a book for his birthday last year titled "Safe Baby Handling Tips." The knowledge that we took from that book has been extremely valuable to our parenting endeavors. I thought I would share with my readers four of my favorite tips. I think you will find that they are helpful to any who may come in contact with a small child.
And a big "Thanks" to Will and Rebecca for giving us the knowledge necessary to raise Elena good and proper - and to teach us that, apparently, it's not okay to put your baby to sleep in a dresser drawer. My hat is off to you two.
Happy weekend everyone!


4 Month Check-Up

Last night we took Elena to see Dr. Hess for her 4 month well-baby check. She's right on target for all of her milestones, with the exception of rolling over. She tried real hard to roll from her tummy to her back, but she hasn't quite gotten it yet. All in due time, though. She does roll, quite easily from her back to her sides - so it's only a matter of time before she masters the feat.

She weighed in at a whopping 12lbs 15oz - but we're just calling it 13lbs (she was weighed with an empty stomach). She measured 23 3/4" tall, and her head has grown to 16 1/2" in circumference. For all of you who are wondering what that all means .... she's in the 50th percentile for height and weight -- so she's right in the middle of "normal" and she's in the 75th percentile for head size. So yes...the pictures are true...her head is just a little too big for her body. But she's growing into it. When she was born she was in the 10th percentile for height and weight and 90th for head size....so she's finally averaging out. The doctor was very happy with her growth -- she's definately made up for being so small at birth!!!

She also got four shots last night. She screamed a lot harder than she did the last time, but she quieted down once I was able to pick her up. She's such a brave little girl. She slept the remainder of the evening and will probably be drowsy all day today. Hopefully Daddy will get a good nap in!

Dr. Hess also said that it does look as though Elena has started teething. Her lower gums looked swollen, and she said it probably wouldn't be too long before she has two little chompers. So, wish us luck!!! Sorry there are no pictures...I'll add some more soon.


Happy Birthday Logan Pounds

Today marked Logan Anthony Pounds' 1st birthday. (For those of you who don't know this -- Logan is my nephew, and/or Elena's cousin). Also - although remarkably less exciting - Elena turned 4 months old today.

We attended Logan's bash this evening, and got a few photos of both of the kids enjoying their first ever "kids - sized" birthday shindig. Elena wasn't as put off by the hat as I assumed she would be...and Logan got a big kick when his Daddy blew the noisemakers (that didn't actually make any noise.) Giggles abounded. All in all it was a great evening. Lots of toys, plenty of playtime, and at the end of it all - cake. What more could a kid ask for?


Grown Up Furniture

DRL and I ventured to HOM Furniture and finally purchased "Grown Up" bedroom furniture. A bed, two nightstands, and a deeply discounted scratch 'n dent floor model Armoire. *sigh* It makes me happy just thinking about it. We have completed our household furniture needs with this most recent purchase, and finally no longer have a bedroom resembling a wal-mart dorm room decor advertisement. Somehow, I feel strangely more mature....

On the Elena front -- we are starting to worry that she may begin teething soon. The drool is dripping out of her mouth like our leaky bath tub faucet, and she's fervently gumming everything she can get her hands on - or in her mouth. I'm surprised her little hands aren't raw from all the chewing. As of yet, there are no signs of fever, no red cheeks, no cranky disposition, and no white spots or swollen gums. So, perhaps she's just discovered how to "chew." My intuition is telling me otherwise....so please, wish us luck!

She is also becoming quite a pro at "tummy-time." She can hold her head at a 90 degree angle and look at herself in her mirror. She even smiles and laughs at herself. DRL and I are anxiously awaiting the day when her laugh becomes audible. Right now, it sounds more like a dog panting than a child laughing, but it still makes us giggle right along with her.

That's the news for now....