Getting Re-Acquainted

I need to get re-acquainted with my friend Nikon. I haven't taken pictures of...of anything...in over two weeks. I'm horribly afraid to say that out loud.

two weeks.

It makes me frown. Or pout. Maybe both.

I've made a slew of hats in those two weeks and I need to get some good photos of them and post them up for all to see.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day...perhaps I will have the chance to get some shots of them when I get home from work -- before the sun sets.


And Elena, too. I've completely neglected her "Two Year" photo. DRL and I are going to rake some leaves and get some shots of our little girl.

And then I'll post those, too.

Happy Monday, friends!


Rock the VOTE!


Cast your vote for this little girl by entering code: 679328082.

I happen to think she's adorable.

But I'm biased,


Of Alphabets and iPhones

If you show this to Elena, she will tell you that it's an apple.

Apple starts with the letter "A." But she won't tell you that. Instead, she'll sing the entire alphabet song. The middle part ...lmnop...gets a little jarbled, but overall, I'm pretty impressed with her alphabet singing abilities.

At the ripe old age of two.



Like an apple.

Get it?
*tap tap*
Is this thing on?

She'll tell you that this is a doggie. I know it's a puppy. But we're not at the point where I'm going to split hairs. A puppy is still a doggie, afterall.

So she's still technically correct.

When she sees the iPhone commercial in which this flashcard application is highlighted, she'll tell you that it's for an iPhone.

But Mama never told her that my phone is an iPhone. Daddy didn't tell her, either.

And some say advertising doesn't work...



When Life Hands You Lemons...

...Make hats.

And put a lemon slice on them.

That's what I'm about to do!

I finally found a label for my hats. A little shop on Etsy had these darling suede tags specifically aimed at knitters and their goods.

I sent the shop owner a copy of the PDF Lemonade designs that Jeff Glynn made up for me, and asked her to work her magic.

And she did. I can't wait to get these onto my hats!

Thank you soooo much Angie!!


Neil & Jane

Have been married for 50 years.  
Five Zero.  Ten times longer than DRL and I.   
This is the dress Jane wore on her wedding day.  I wish I would have had the chance to get this as a hand-me-down. Talk about chic!  I would have rocked this gown.  

Something fierce.
But this isn't about me.
Or him.
Even though he's adorable.  
He somehow managed to always find my camera lens.  I had my 200mm zoom lens on and I spotted him from across the room.  He smiled.

Fifty years of marriage will get you a lot of these little guys. 
Grandkids galore.
Cheerful. Smiling.  Precocious.

But you can't have grandchildren without children.
One daughter.
One son - A life cut short. A parent's worst nightmare.
  Neil and Jane weathered that storm. Likely the hardest of their 50 years.

But life isn't fair. 
And marriage isn't easy.

But these two:
These hands:
These memories: 
All brought rushing back to the surface in a small room on a blustery Sunday afternoon.  
Reminders of 50 years of laughter.
50 years of love.
50 years of together.
And as many more as God will allow.

Thank you for inviting me to document your day.  I was honored to be a part of such a momentous occasion in your lives together.

I'll see you at the 75th!



Rainbow Cake!

I did it. I made a six layer, multicolored, rainbow cake for Elena's birthday party on Sunday.


All by myself.
It was delicious.

(It looked pretty neat, too).

I accept your gracious applause, dear readers. And I'm not the slighest bit upset that you still can't believe I've managed to pull this off.

I'm becoming so domesticated...




My little girl is two years old today. Two.

Not one.

Not five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.

Double that.

Her umbilical cord has long since fallen off.

She almost has a full set of teeth.

She can count and say the alphabet and sing songs.

She's the light of my life. The warmth in my heart. The annoyance in my upthrown hands. The kiss on my breath.

And she is this:
Silly. Goofy. Adorable. Mine.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. May the road rise to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face...

I love you bunches.



Cakes, Zombies, Anniversaries and Columbus.

It has been a busy week.

A breakdown, in list format:

1.) Say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed for my dear blogging friend, Lucinda, and her husband and little bean today.
2.) Hats, hats, and more hats! I'm making so many my fingers are sore. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a hat form to take photos of my little wonders? Susie? Any advice on this?
3.) Go Vikings!
4.) Zombie Pub Crawl in NE Minneapolis this weekend. Heard it was the biggest yet. Can't wait until next year when I can finally attend!!
5.) This cake was made for Elena's birthday party yesterday. By Me! And it turned out!

....wait..... let's process that last one for a minute....

6.) I had my first paid photography gig on Saturday: A darling anniversary party for my Auntie K's in-laws. 50 years together! Congrats Neil and Jane! (I'll upload photos, don't worry!)
7.) SNOW. It snowed today. Measureable amounts. It's still snowing. I love MN. And no, that's not sarcasm. It really is pretty. Especially when it's heavy, and wet, and sticks to everything except the roads.
8.) Columbus Day is my least favorite holiday. Ever. I think it's preposterous that such a thing is even still celebrated. Can't we all get 9/11 day off, instead? At least that's something worth commemorating and respecting with a day off work. I could rant on this...but I'll spare you the diatribe. I just don't think it necessary to celebrate or honor the start of genocide. But that's me...
9.) I'm a week (or better) behind on my DVR. And I've given up Survivor, CSI: Miami, Heroes and America's Next Top Model. Lost hasn't even started yet. What's a girl to do!?!?

That's the news for now. I'll upload photos of Elena's party and of some hats as soon as I can.



It's A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

What's that, mama?  That big orange thing?  I think I want it. 
Can I have it please?

Oh my! Oh yes! I'm certain I want to take this right home.

If. I. Can. Just. Lift. It. Up.

Ooooh....look over there! A baby pumpkin!   
I'm all over this one!
 Like white on rice.
(You lookin' at me?)

I think I better get two for good measure.

Maybe give it a hug, just in case in needs reassurance. 
Just in case it needs to know that it is loved.
Just in case the pumpkin is fragile like mama.

Please ignore that last part.
She's two.
She doesn't know what she's talking about.

But you do love me, right?




This is Karley Ellis.

Her mom ordered three hats for her this winter. And this is what I came up with.

Thank you, Kristin, for taking photos of her wearing the hats.

I still think the end one needs a ball on the top and a flower.

But that's just me.

I have a thing for flowers on hats...



Little Reyes Sisters

But first, this one:
(I had to!  I'm a softy when it comes to flouncy petticoat-style skirts)

But this....

This right here is what this blog post is about.  These two darling little girls.  Friends. Spies. Secret-keepers.  Sisters.  

They are the daughters of a dear work-friend of mine.  We met in a park to take photos before I had to bring back the 50mm lens.

This is Lydia. This face pretty much says it all.
She's quirky. Funny. Insanely intelligent. 
And she's a ham.

With all the trimmings.
But the beauty of her face when she's not playing up to the camera is pretty phenomenal.  And though Theresea (the girls' mama) took most of the photos on this day, I'm glad I managed to nab one picture of her not looking at me.  

This is Tootie Bonson.  (Okay, fine, her name is Jenna Reyes).  

If you look closely, you can see the mischievousness behind her eyes in this photo.  That subtle disobedience that is so her.  
She's one smart cookie.  She knows that with this look she's got you right where she wants you.  
The palm of her adorable little hand.