All Access

My dear friend Amie is a roadie.
She travels the world setting up VIP parties at concerts.
30 Seconds to Mars.
The Vans Warped Tour.
And Saturday, she was here in Austin with Katy Perry.

She needed an assistant.
Naturally, I rose to the challenge.

Here are some Instagram photos 
documenting our fun:
Amie: I heart you.
Kelly: It was amazing meeting you.
Katy: We'll meet next time, don't worry.  I still think you're a firework.



Wednesday Wisdom

Courage is a tricky thing, really.  Being brave.  Doing what you know is right even as a sea of voices is telling you otherwise.  I am not good at courage; living life out loud. Being brazen. Individual. Me.

All that changes.

Right now.

Some say it took courage to move my family 1100 miles for a job.  But it didn't.  Not even a little, actually.  That choice was easy.  Money, career, big house and fast cars, designer clothes, blister-causing red-bottomed shoes, prestige, clout.  All the trinkets of a trivial life that society tells each of us we must strive for. Pine for. Lust after.  Taking steps to get all that was simple. Moving to Texas to fulfill a once sought-after, haughtily fought for, perfect career didn't take courage at all. Moving home? Leaving it all to pursue a life where I can spend all my time creating pretty things? Art? That is going to take some courage.

I'm scared. Terrified, really, but I am doing it anyway. Moving home, taking action, playing the lead role in my life. Even in the presence of fear. Regardless of it. Because of it. Because one of the marks of a gift is having the courage to fulfill it. I am moving my family back to Minneapolis. So that my kids will have a life outside of their parents.  So that my husband will have his chance to find a career, a passion, and pursue it.

So that I can pursue photography.
So that I can be a photographer.

If life really is about the choices we make, I want to choose wisely.  I want to choose what's important to me, and be guided by it. I want to think big and make things happen.  I want to surround myself with people who believe I can, and more than that who, instead of asking, "why?" are quick to say, "why not?" People I don't need to impress in order to stand amongst them and hold my head up high. Friends. Family. You.

This decision, to uproot my life, leave a cushy job for my old one, making less money, working more hours, and sitting behind a desk all day so that I can focus all my extra energy on photography, was surprisingly easy. Making it was like choosing to breathe.  Natural. Intrinsic. Still, I'm scared. Terrified. But in the most amazing way.
Money, after all, is just a thing. If I lose a little, make a little less, struggle, or even if it pours for a while, I don't care.  I have every intention of setting fire to the rain.



Elena: Shades of Grey

I don't take as many pictures as I should.
Probably not by half.
So today I got the camera out. 

For no other reason than to take photos of life.

This afternoon, Elena was debating between play and sleep,
so we (read: I) opted for her to have some quiet time.
I cuddled with her for awhile 
and as she lay there next to me
I got out my camera.
And we played.

These are a few of my favorites:



"Fashion" Week

Top & Pants: Gap
Shoes: Ross Dress for Less
Headband: Handmade by Athena
Dress: Gap
Shoes: Target
Top: Arttie
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Target
Sweater: Gap
Dress: Blue Elephant
Shoes: Target
Top & Pants: Gap
Shrug: Banana Republic
Shoes: Dollhouse



Two Faced

My bff Nadia asked me if I would make a quilt
for the little boy she is expecting in October.
"Of course, love!" I said.

I sent her a few links to quilts that I liked
or that I thought would be perfect for a little boys' room.
"I like the zig zag pattern," she said.
So I sent her some fabric ideas.
"Mmmm....Ummmm...Er...ah...How about just solids? It looks like a lot of work to put a quilt together,
and I don't want it to get too....busy."
"Um...yeah. Sure. Okay, Nadj," I told her.

But I knew better.
There was no way I was going to use just solids.
No way, no how.

We talked colors.
She liked grellow.
But she also liked turquoise and coral.
"They don't really work together, honey," I told her.

"That's okay," she said.
"We can have a double-sided quilt. It'll be perrrrrrfect!"


"Yep! You've got it! I'm exCITEd." I choked out.

I set to work. I zigged.
And zagged.
I pieced the turqcoral side.
Then I hung them on my design wall.
Side. By. Side.

No good.
I can't do it. I can't do this two sided quilt thing. It's no good I can't do it. Too busy. Too much.
OHMIGOSH It's just TOO much!!!

So I took a photo with my phone.
And I begrudgingly sent it off to Nadia and asked for her input.

"I love it! It's going to be perfect!" she said.


So I basted.
I quilted.
I doubted, and doubted, and doubted some more.

Then I washed it.
Put some binding on it,
and fell truly,
in love.
And so, too, did Nadia.





A person could get a free slurpee at the 7Eleven today.
if you were DRL,
you could get another year older.

I often joke about DRL's age.
Mostly because he's older than I am,
so I figure that if I tease him about being old,
by the time I get to the age he is at,
he'll still be old.

And I'll always be young.

I'm super good at math.

So here's to you, DRL.
To your cheese to my macaroni.
Your Sar to my Casm.
Your Twins to my ugh!-is-baseball-season-over-yet?!

I love you.
Even though you're old.



Goings On

This week has been a whirlwind.
Austin to Dallas to St Louis to Minneapolis.
To Wisconsin.
To Minneapolis.
And back.
Engagement session.
4th of July.
Family session.
An amazing head cold.
Worn out kids.
Good, good friends.

I've been too busy to blog, and I'm sorry.
But you can head over to my photography site (here)
and see some of the fruits of my labor...




Yesterday the girls and I went to Amery to visit with my Aunt Kristy.
The weather was perfect.
As was the company.
 The coffee was great, too.
 My cousins brought their pretty ladies with them.
This is Amanda:
"Pretty" doesn't even come close.
Amanda, you're gorge.

This is Chekelea.
Completely, utterly, radiant.

We ended the evening at my sister in law's house.
I am pretty sure I have the most adorable niece on the planet:
 My nephew, Logan, is pretty cute, too.
Today's agenda: Pool party, laundry, and fireworks.
Not necessarily in that order.

Happy 4th of July!