College Bound. Again.

I had my registration session at St Kate's last night, and I'm all set to begin classes on April 3rd. I'm taking "The Reflective Woman," a writing intensive course that is required for all Katie graduates, and "Business Law." I have a paper and 100 page reading assignment due the first day of class. I think I'm going to have my work cut out for me with this weekend college stuff. Four hour classes that meet only 8 times - eek! It is somewhat unfortunate that classes are scheduled to begin the weekend of my birthday, but I am still excited to return to college. It's been so long since I've been -- it'll be nice to be in a learning environment again.

I finished my first bird a few nights ago - a Cardinal that hangs in Elena's room. Just like I promised I would do. It was acutally quite an easy pattern to follow and took about an hour to complete. I was sooo excited to get home after such a long day yesterday to find 4 skeins of Blue Sky Cotton from Lucinda waiting on my kitchen counter!!! I can't wait to start on some more birds. She had a poster on her blog the other day that read, "Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life," and I just loved it.

So often I get frustrated with all that I have to do -- all that is asked of me as a wife, mother, student, daughter, friend, etc and I want to throw my hands up and scream -- and then I read this green banner on her blog-- and I realized that if I take this to heart, and truly apply it everyday, perhaps I can learn how to be thankful for every moment. To be thankful that I have a child who frustrates me and screams and kicks and is alive and perfect and healthy. To be thankful that I have a husband who, even though he watches baseball all the time without end and tunes me out and leaves his dirty clothes on the floor, he truly is my partner. To be happy that I have a job, even if I don't love it as much as I once did. To be much more satisfied with all that I probably take for granted, and to try, as best I can, to remember that I really am very very lucky.

I feel blessed to have stumbled across so many amazing people through the interwebs and the blog world. To see the life of a child through Mandy's photos, to read of Simone's triumph, to be a part of Lucinda's grief - and the journey to help her heart to heal, to make hats with Susie, and to stay in touch with my cousin and her family. I'm thankful to all of you for being such an important part of my life - and of who I am becoming.




Birds of a Feather

I'm still working on my role in the Cooper's Flock project, and am somewhat spearheading the "Minnesota Chapter" of the project. I have a meeting with a representative from Fairview University Children's Hospital one week from Friday to iron out the details, and to make sure that we can work together to bring Cooper's Flock here to the Twin Cities. I have to meet with a couple of my local yarn shop owners to see if they can help and how. I'm thinking of organizing a "Knit In" if possible -- getting as many knitters together for x/hours to make x/birds. I think it'd be a fun way for those of us who only know each other via the blog community to finally meet, and it's for a great cause.

I'll post more info as it happens and if those of you who do read this blog know of anyone who knits, please forward them here to read about this project. The more people we get to help, the more birds we can make. And we truly need a FLOCK!!!



Cooper's Flock

I stumbled across this blog today, and really, really wanted to be a part of this woman's project. It is a tribute to her little boy, Cooper, who died after only 21 days on this earth, and I'm truly touched by what she is doing to honor his memory. I'm especially touched because my grandmother Helen -- the only Grandmother that I ever knew --loved birds. It's been nearly 9 years since she passed and every time I see a cardinal, I know that she is with me still. And every time I think of her, a smile creeps across my face and my eyes fill with tears at the love I have for her, and the profound loss that still lingers in my heart. I can only imagine the burden of grief Lucinda will carry with her throughout the remainder of her journey on earth, but I know that these birds will help her through it. That they will help her to smile every time she sees a knit dangling from a Christmas tree, or hospital window, or yarn store counter. Because of these birds she will know that her little boy had a part in so many lives -- that she gave him the greatest legacy a mother can. Lucinda, if you happen upon this, please know that you've touched my heart, and inspired me more than I can express.

I will be making as many birds as I can and I plan to give all but one to Lucinda for her Cooper's Flock project. I'm going to keep a red bird for myself -- in honor of her dear sweet boy, and in loving memory of my grandmother Helen. "Cooper's Cardinal" will help me to remember my grandmother, and will be a constant reminder that a life - no matter how small - has the remarkable ability to change us all for the better.

I've sent an email to the blog author for the pattern, and will glady share it with all who ask. I wanted to post the info here as well so that those of you who knit can join in, too, if you wish.

Love to All