High Chair

Tonight at dinner was Elena's first try at the high chair. I think she likes it more than the Bebe Pod. It must be the padding. Or the fact that she's up high at the table with mommy and daddy. I think she wanted what we were having, but she'll have to wait a few more months for solid food of her very own. I wish she was cognizant enough to realize that she should not be in such a hurry to grow up - it'll happen soon enough. And I'm sure I will say that a million more times on this bittersweet journey through parenthood....


Baths and Bebe Pods

Elena is very fond of her baths. I think she has been since the day she was born. Where most babies cry at the mere sight of water, Elena writhes in anticipation. Here's my favorite photo of her playing in the tub.

Though it is not really evidenced by the expression on her face in this photo, she has also become quite attached to her Bebe Pod chair. Or rather, the toy that it came with. It whirls and rattles and spins, plus it's soft enough to gum comfortably. I'm thinking we should buy stock in this toy...


Politickin' me off

I watched the CNN Democratic debate last night. It annoyed me. It made me throw up in my mouth a little. It exasperates me to watch a political debate in which the candidates focus on throwing stones at one another. Am I that crazy to think that it would be much more productive both for our country and their campaigns if the candidates talked about how to fix everything that Bush and his administration have broken? Don't they all agree that Bush is evil incarnate and that the Democrats and the voters of this great nation must do everything in our power to amend the wrongs that have been thrust upon us? I guess that topic got skipped over last night.

It's good to know that Obama voted "present" 100 times and then tried to schmooze his way out of it. It's good to know that Edwards takes money from people who benefit from lobbyists -- but adamantly refuses to allow any lobbying to occur in his cabinet - ever. It's good to know that Hillary is resting on the sucess of her husband and has no capabilities beyond that of a first lady. But it would be better to know WHY I should even give a rats ass about that crap. Seriously. I'm done looking backwards -- that's what got us in this predicament in the first place. It's time to look forward. It's time for change. It's time for less talk and more action. And it's time to stop focusing political campaigns on the misdeeds of other politicians.

But what do I know....I'm just another constituent.


Baby's First Christmas

I know a month has gone by since Christmas - but some of you haven't seen Elena's first Christmas photos - the professional variety - so here they are. Her first Christmas went off without a hitch. She won't remember a lick of it, and I managed to keep all the grandparents from spoiling her rotten. I convinced them that since she was only 2 months old and couldn't even hold her own head up yet - there really wasn't much sense in buying her oodles of "stuff" that she really doesn't need. Santa Claus came to our house, and brought her a couple of toys - only so that we could get video of Christmas morning. It was a little bittersweet -- it was my first xmas morning without my mom - and my first with my daughter. And old memory gone, and a new one begun. C'est la vie.

Do You Blog??

People keep asking me this question and up until now I've been forced to look at them blindly and shake my head..."Um.....no." More and more of our friends and family members are starting blogs, and I find it's a really great way to keep myself informed of how everyone is doing. So, I thought I could return the favor on behalf of the Family Pelton. So this blog will serve as a window into our crazy little world and keep those of you who choose to read this updated on DRL (that's short for Darrell for those of you who don't know), our daughter Elena, our glorious and disobedient beagle, Belle, and of course, myself. Hopefully I don't bore you to tears.

This first photo is of our Christmas vacation to Abbey Del Sol in Mexico last year. It's where I wish I was when the wind chill dips below -30 ... as it is now.