Baby's First Christmas

I know a month has gone by since Christmas - but some of you haven't seen Elena's first Christmas photos - the professional variety - so here they are. Her first Christmas went off without a hitch. She won't remember a lick of it, and I managed to keep all the grandparents from spoiling her rotten. I convinced them that since she was only 2 months old and couldn't even hold her own head up yet - there really wasn't much sense in buying her oodles of "stuff" that she really doesn't need. Santa Claus came to our house, and brought her a couple of toys - only so that we could get video of Christmas morning. It was a little bittersweet -- it was my first xmas morning without my mom - and my first with my daughter. And old memory gone, and a new one begun. C'est la vie.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! She reminds me so much of her mother, at that age. Chubby cheeks.
    I'll be checking in often for updates. More pictures please.