Do You Blog??

People keep asking me this question and up until now I've been forced to look at them blindly and shake my head..."Um.....no." More and more of our friends and family members are starting blogs, and I find it's a really great way to keep myself informed of how everyone is doing. So, I thought I could return the favor on behalf of the Family Pelton. So this blog will serve as a window into our crazy little world and keep those of you who choose to read this updated on DRL (that's short for Darrell for those of you who don't know), our daughter Elena, our glorious and disobedient beagle, Belle, and of course, myself. Hopefully I don't bore you to tears.

This first photo is of our Christmas vacation to Abbey Del Sol in Mexico last year. It's where I wish I was when the wind chill dips below -30 ... as it is now.


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