Something New to CRaVe

On Saturday, the family Pelton updated our car wardrobe to include the bright, shiny, new model you see above. It's a 2008 Honda CR-V, and it's wonderful. I left the dealership on Saturday so giddy that I was trying to jump up and down while driving home. It didn't work so well, but that's okay. The sentiment remains the same.

That's the news for now -- shiny new wheels, and a whole lotta snow.

C'est la Vie.


A Cup! A Cup! My Kingdom for a Cup!

Elena had her first drink from a cup the other day. I was sitting on the couch, watching television, and I grabbed an ice-cold glass of water to quench my thirst. Elena grabbed for it with gusto. I thought she just wanted to suck on the cold glass (see pop-can photo below), so I let her have it. She sucked, then she cried. Then she tried grabbing the top of the glass, from which the water pours. So I thought maybe, just maybe, my little one would like to drink. And sure enough...she did. She didn't get much down her throat, but she enjoyed the experience.

The other day, whilst at home with daddy, she again seemed interested in drinking from a big-girl cup. So Daddy, in his eagerness to please, filled a sippy-cup with formula and dispensed it to our darling daughter. She grabbed onto it and hoisted the spout into her eager mouth. So I guess it's official...she's a "big girl" now. Now she just has to conquer teeth, sleeping by herself, and the potty. Oh, right, and growing up in general.

To you, Elena....slow down little one...slow down! You're already growing up faster than mommy would like.

Have a great weekend all!


I Can Sit While Playing Peek-A-Boo and Eating My Skwish

Well, almost. She can sit, assisted, for quite some time now. I think she may actually hit a milestone on time with this one. She's got two more weeks to perfect it. And okay - she started eating her feet quite early -- she was rather "late" at rolling over. Though, she does so now with fervor.

She also really loves to play peek-a-boo. Here's a shot of her and Daddy playing....

And last but not least -- the infamous "Skwish." The greatest toy on the planet.


A Giant Elmo Puppet

Yes, that's right bloggers, I said Giant Elmo Puppet. DRL and I ventured into a high-priced Edina-style baby store that is going out of business, and subsequently having a "huge" sale, and found a "life-sized" Elmo puppet. Needless to say, we bought it for our little one. I mean, come on, what kid doesn't love Elmo? It helps that DRL speaks nearly fluent Elmoese, and that he enjoys pretending he's a member of Sesame Street on a daily basis. Elena already loves the thing. I think it was a good idea we've introduced her to the giant, red, hairy monster at such a young age...had we waited any longer she probably would have been terrified of the thing! (And no, she is not giving you, or Elmo the finger. She just hasn't quite gotten control of her "bird" yet.)

She also really digs her exersaucer. It has a pond toy that sings songs, and makes animal sounds, and says colors. I'm pretty sure she thinks it's the greatest thing since teething rings and pureed carrots. She's started to actually push herself around in it -- actually using the force of her giant tubby legs to move around. DRL has gotten her to start "walking" outside of the exersaucer by standing her upright and pushing on her butt...this forces her to stand up straight, and thus step forward. It's quite funny to watch, really.

For those of you who are wondering, my little darling is still a toothless wonder. She fits in quite well with the rest of the CPG riff raff, and for her own comforts sake we are pleading with the powers-that-be that those litte chompers pop through soon. Her cheeks are red, her nose is drippy, and her mouth is spewing drool like the Exxon Valdez. I cut my first two teeth at five months, so those teeth should be right around the corner. Maybe she'll get 'em for Easter.

That's the news for now. I'll update with photos, and Elmo's performance schedule, later.

Oh, and "THANK YOU" to Great Aunt Kristy for the Easter card and barrettes. If she ever grows hair, I'm sure they'll be lovely!


Mini Me

I think Elena resembles both DRL and I, though in this photo she looks like a minature version of me - it's almost scary!

Terry Pounds took this picture of her at the Pounds 1st Quarter Birthday Bash, and I only just saw it today. I thought it was cute, and therefore thought I should share.

Oh, and she finally figured out how to roll from her tummy to her back. She did it a couple of times last night. Let's hope it wasn't just a fluke!! And she tried bananas for the first time yesterday. DRL said she just couldn't get enough of em - just like her daddy!

It'll be interesting to see how the peas go over.....


The Joy of Teething

Elena is very slowly getting her first two teeth. She hates the whole process. She cries, and she hurts, and DRL and I just feel plain rotten for her. Here is some of the photographic evidence that teething equals chewing anything and everything a little one can get their hands on. Oh, and a ton of drool, too.

Eating DRL's soda can.

Chewing one of her teething rings.

Chewing on her bottle.

Hopefully Elena's chompers come in soon. Thank goodness for bibs, soft plastic toys, and baby motrin! Without them, teething would be even more of a pain. Literally.

Happy Birthday Dog Sister

Belle, aka "Dog Sister," is about to turn 3. In honor of her birthday, I knit her this very fashionable sweater. It's the first knitting project I've ever completed, and I'm very proud of it. Dog Sister doesn't seem to mind it either...


Roly Poly Oly

It's official - Elena can roll from her back to her tummy like a pro!! I'd post a photo -- but it's hard to get in still-frame. This amazing revelating has put my fear of Elena learning to walk before she ever rolled over to bed. Though she really does enjoy standing!! It's interesting to note that although she has managed the back-to-tummy roll, she cannot figure out how to go the other way. This would be no big deal if she didn't absolutely HATE being on her stomach. So now if we let her lay and play, and go to do a couple things around the house, all of the sudden we'll hear a high pitched scream. DRL and I go running...and sure enough...Elena is stuck on her tummy and mad as hell!! Hopefully she'll master the tummy-to-back roll soon, and we'll all be a little more at ease.

On the teething front, I'm pretty sure the right bottom tooth is about to pop through, with the left side not too far behind. Let's all hope so...my poor girl is soooo unhappy.

And since I'm updating, Elena tried Sweet Potatoes last night -- and did quite well. She almost finished the whole jar. Of course she was a horrible orange mess afterwards, but I think she prefers having some flavor. The rice cereal is probably pretty bland. My darling daughter will be a pro at solids in no time -- oh how the time flies.

That's the news for now....I'll update as it happens.

Love to all