A Giant Elmo Puppet

Yes, that's right bloggers, I said Giant Elmo Puppet. DRL and I ventured into a high-priced Edina-style baby store that is going out of business, and subsequently having a "huge" sale, and found a "life-sized" Elmo puppet. Needless to say, we bought it for our little one. I mean, come on, what kid doesn't love Elmo? It helps that DRL speaks nearly fluent Elmoese, and that he enjoys pretending he's a member of Sesame Street on a daily basis. Elena already loves the thing. I think it was a good idea we've introduced her to the giant, red, hairy monster at such a young age...had we waited any longer she probably would have been terrified of the thing! (And no, she is not giving you, or Elmo the finger. She just hasn't quite gotten control of her "bird" yet.)

She also really digs her exersaucer. It has a pond toy that sings songs, and makes animal sounds, and says colors. I'm pretty sure she thinks it's the greatest thing since teething rings and pureed carrots. She's started to actually push herself around in it -- actually using the force of her giant tubby legs to move around. DRL has gotten her to start "walking" outside of the exersaucer by standing her upright and pushing on her butt...this forces her to stand up straight, and thus step forward. It's quite funny to watch, really.

For those of you who are wondering, my little darling is still a toothless wonder. She fits in quite well with the rest of the CPG riff raff, and for her own comforts sake we are pleading with the powers-that-be that those litte chompers pop through soon. Her cheeks are red, her nose is drippy, and her mouth is spewing drool like the Exxon Valdez. I cut my first two teeth at five months, so those teeth should be right around the corner. Maybe she'll get 'em for Easter.

That's the news for now. I'll update with photos, and Elmo's performance schedule, later.

Oh, and "THANK YOU" to Great Aunt Kristy for the Easter card and barrettes. If she ever grows hair, I'm sure they'll be lovely!

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  1. We enjoy the photos and narratives. Keep them coming.
    Every little girl needs barrettes...and someday she will have hair.
    Happy Easter.