Shake It

I downloaded a new app for my iPhone.
The iPhone that DRL will be acquiring in the very near future.

He is terribly excited.
Do you know how much fantasy baseballing can be done from an iPhone??

Neither do I.
And that's how I like it.

Moving on.

This app...
...my current favorite, is called Shakeit.

It turns your camera into a Polaroid replica.
(No. An actual Polaroid photo does not slide out from the bottom of your iPhone.) 

But it does something else.
Even cooler.
The photos are a little bit grainy.
Kind of tilted in an odd way.
Kind of cool.

Case in point: This is the fabric of a dress I recently purchased.
Yes: I am aware that it looks like upholstery.
This is why I love it.
It has charm.

And here is Dayna.
Just before she shoved a giant forkful of DQ cake down her gullet.
The same Dayna that got me reading the Twilight saga.

And here is me:
Self portrait.
Moments after leaving the salon with my sweet new style.
It hasn't looked as good since. 
Stupid professionals-who-do-everything-better-than-a-normal-woman-can-at-home. 

And our maple tree.

Princess Smarty Pants:
With a little bit of sun flare.
I think I like sun flare.
I think I might start looking for it.
Take THAT flare-haters.

Shakeit even takes great photos of inanimate objects.
Things that go otherwise unnoticed in our day-to-day lives.

Things like book covers.

Buy it!
Tell them I sent you.
I'm not afraid.

I am also not afraid that in the past week I've used my Shakeit more than my D90.




I did it.
I finally did it.

I jumped.

I began reading the Twilight saga on my trip to Austin.
I'm nearly through the third book, Eclipse.
I am hoping to finish Breaking Dawn during my travels to Mexico.
And Dallas.
And back.

I might write a review.
I haven't decided yet.

I said I would never get involved with this Vampires and Werewolves business.
I also vowed never to wear wedges.
Or Espadrilles.
Or a Maxi Dress.

I guess I'm good at breaking my own promises.




On Miz Boo's suggestion I purchased the Shakeit app for my iPhone.
It turns your photos into cool polaroids.

Gives 'em a bit of grain.


I am in love with this photo of DRL.
He's smiling.
And it's not contrived.
Or posed.

It's real.
Pure as the driven snow.

I'm in love with the subject, too.
Not just the photo.

In fact,
I happen to think he's pretty amazing.



Dirty Laundry

It must be a Texas thing.
None of the rental properties we looked at included a washer and dryer.
In fact, very few of them inlcuded a refrigerator!

Although we have a fancy townhome rental to move into
it does not come equipped with a washer and dryer.

We were instructed to buy, or rent, our own.

DRL and I have been eyeing a new pair for awhile now.
But were going to wait until next year to make the commitment.
This promotion has rushed the deadline.

And I'm not mad about it.

Would you be?




The more I think about our new place in Texas, the more I get excited.
It's the small things, really.

I'll have more than one drawer in my kitchen.
You might not think this is a big deal...but oh, it so is.
I dare you to take everything out of all the drawers in your kitchen and only use one.
For an entire week.
And then imagine how I've lived like that for three and a half years.

It's been rough, friends.
There were some dark moments.
I didn't know if I would make it.

But now, I have drawers aplenty to look forward to.
And a big, Texas sized garden jacuzzi tub in the master bath.
Two walk-in closets.

My dresses will actually be able to hang without hitting my shoe rack.
They will be so excited!

I can set up my sewing machine in my office and have a quilting corner.
My very own craft space.
That I don't have to clean up and pack away every day.

Sure, I won't have any family or friends nearby.

But I'll have storage space,
and sewing.

That oughta carry me through.
At least for a little while.

And what sorrow I do have can be cured by a six-pack of
Shiner Bock.
Or two.

Or a stroll through the blue bonnets.


(I realized just now, in my stress-induced craziness, that I posted "Wednesday Wisdom" on Thursday. Oh I am so ashamed.)


Wednesday Wisdom

*The moving truck has been secured. They load, drive, and unload. All we do is pack.

*OMG we have to pack.

*We have a showing today and another tomorrow. I HOPE HOPE HOPE somebody puts in an offer on our house already!

*I have already been given my work blackberry. I'm saddend by the impending loss of my iPhone.  I did hear a rumor that Verizon will get the iPhone in July. If that happens I will have another one. Mark my words.

*We leave for Mexico in one week. YAY vacation! I am so excited to see all of our friends in one location for an entire weekend. It's going to be a good last hurrah before DRL and I pack up and move 1103 miles down I-35.

*We signed a lease on a townhome yesterday. I'll attach some photos. The website for the community is here. Doesn't it look like a resort??

*Here is the actual unit where we will live. It's the corner one.

The view from the balcony (notice the pool!)


Living/Dining. The carpeted area will be my office.

*I have four squares completed in my duvet cover.

* I think I have a hundred and some more to make.


*I only have 10 pounds left to go before I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight!

*I still have 10 pounds to lose. Ugh!

*I am happy that Glee is back from break. It's corny, but I missed it.

*I am becoming a huge fan of Jay-Z. I am not ashamed of this. According to my brother-in-law Jake, his new album is "magic." I might have to pick it up....

*I am really digging Muse lately, too.




Moving across the country is a big deal.
the bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana!

That's me being carried away again. 

After much searching I found a moving company. 
They load and drive and unload for us.
All we do is pack.
And they are well within our budget.

I am waiting for the paperwork on a Townhouse. 
A rental community.
With 5 pools.
And a movie theater.
And a Lazy River!
A Lazy River people!  
I think Elena is going to drive Daddy crazy with her requests to laze down said river.

Poor child is about to get a real good handle on disappointment.

The going away party is Friday night.
I hope you all can come.

We go to Mexico next weekend.
I'm terrified to leave the girls for a whole weekend,
but I am leaving them in perfectly capable hands.
Thanks, Mom.

My stress level is at an all-time high.
I might be cracking.
I can't be sure.

But I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime...
Enjoy photos of my little tree-hugger.



New Baby Smell: Kaia Jensen

I was blessed and honored today to take photos of Kari & Aaron's new baby girl.
I mean brand new.
Stinky reeky intoxicatingly new.

Their St. Paul cottage-esque home was dazzling.
And it desperately made me wish my home had style.

My house gets picked on by the other houses at the lunch table.
It gets "kick me" signs stuck to its back.
It asks for extra credit...
...even though it gets straight A's.

But I digress.

Kaia is precious.
My camera loved her.
It'll ask her out when she's old enough. 
Take her to a movie.
The roller rink.

But again, I digress.

There was so much light flooding the bedroom that I literally pointed and shot.
And I got to play with full manual! 
I barely did any post production on these shots.
I used some PW Actions on a couple.
And did some cropping.

Kari & Aaron (and Uncle Courtney)....
enjoy your preview.

And finally..
The Best Photo of the day.
Are you ready for this???
Are you sure??



Unofficially Official.

Yesterday afternoon my soon-to-be new boss, Kristan, walked into my cubicle here at the EMPIre.

"Pending final approval, I wanted you to know that the job is yours."

I'm stilling waiting on that "final approval."

But I wanted to share with you,
my lovely, faithful, without-you-I'd-be-nothing
very quiet
5.7 readers
that it looks as if TFP will be moving.

Just look at the Capitol building.
Ain't it purty?

Legal Dislcaimer:
Due to the unofficial nature of this job offer, I cannot tell you the name of the job, for which company, or what city/state this Capitol building is in.
But..you are all very, very, extremely smart individuals.
And you can probably figure it out.



{This is me}

Dear readers,

My patience is wearing thin.

I have no news on the TX job as of yet.

I'm worried that the news, when it does arrive, will not be good.
I feel as if good news would have travelled faster.

I am trying to stay postive, but am bracing myself for a less than awesome outcome.
Ever the optomist, I am reminded that life, right now, is pretty okay.
I have no reason for complaint.

And that is good.

Still crossing my fingers,



I am 29 years old today.
(Or 13, if you ask Elena.)
And this is what I know for sure.

*True friendships last forever. No matter what. Time. Distance. Differences of opinion. Mall Bangs. Pinned Girbauds. Nothing will shake their foundations. 

*I really really like to sew. I can sit at my sewing machine and I'm happy. The stress is gone. The fatigue is gone. I love to create.

*Dear knitting needles: I still love you, too. It's just not hat season, anymore. Please fear not. I will return to you when the frost kisses the last leaves of autumn.

*My friend Rebecca's chocolate cake is one of life's greatest pleasures.  I will miss it, and her, when we live farther apart than we do now. But...perhaps we can start our own quilting bee.  Which will at least somewhat makeup for the lack of cake.

*My aunt's Peanut Butter Pie is also very very very ridiculously good.  For real. Stick-to-your-hips-and-sit there-forever good.

*No matter what happens with the TX job, I love my life. And feel remarkably blessed.

*My daughters are amazing.  I love them both so very much. And I can't wait to get home from work every day to smiling faces, open arms, and a whirlwind of stories describing the day.  (Not so much from Stella..but we're working on getting her talking.)

*I have the world's best husband. Partner. Friend.  We met when I was 15 years old. When I was 21 we started dating, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I am honored to be his wife.  And happy that he is so willing to be my husband. I am certain the job is not easy.

*30 isn't going to be so bad.  And for those of you who are of the female variety: there will be a blowout in Vegas next year to commemorate.  Take the weekend off now. Start saving. Find a babysitter. It's going to be my first time in Sin City, and a weekend for the record books. 

Happy Birthday.
(to me).



Audrey Weber was born December 1st 2007.
Six weeks (to the day) after Elena.
They have been BFF's ever since.

Well, okay, fine.
They have been BFF's since they became old enough to ask to see one another.
And laugh together.

Just look at how happy they are:


Audrey was over playing with Elena again last night.
I am certain that Elena will miss Audrey when we move away.
I know I will miss her.
And her parents, too.

I guess the girls will just have to learn to write so that they can become
pen pals.
Right now, Elena can only draw a semi-straight line.
We've got our work cut out for us.

Just because Stella is just so damn cute, too
here is a shot of her.

Moments before she fell asleep.
Nano-seconds, really.

Happy Easter.

yes, I did have my trip to Austin.
more on that later.