The more I think about our new place in Texas, the more I get excited.
It's the small things, really.

I'll have more than one drawer in my kitchen.
You might not think this is a big deal...but oh, it so is.
I dare you to take everything out of all the drawers in your kitchen and only use one.
For an entire week.
And then imagine how I've lived like that for three and a half years.

It's been rough, friends.
There were some dark moments.
I didn't know if I would make it.

But now, I have drawers aplenty to look forward to.
And a big, Texas sized garden jacuzzi tub in the master bath.
Two walk-in closets.

My dresses will actually be able to hang without hitting my shoe rack.
They will be so excited!

I can set up my sewing machine in my office and have a quilting corner.
My very own craft space.
That I don't have to clean up and pack away every day.

Sure, I won't have any family or friends nearby.

But I'll have storage space,
and sewing.

That oughta carry me through.
At least for a little while.

And what sorrow I do have can be cured by a six-pack of
Shiner Bock.
Or two.

Or a stroll through the blue bonnets.


(I realized just now, in my stress-induced craziness, that I posted "Wednesday Wisdom" on Thursday. Oh I am so ashamed.)

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  1. Don't forget how much we who have
    been left behind love you all...
    and we will follow your new life and
    adventures as joyfully as we followed
    the 'old'. And, believe me, we will
    visit, and often. So be prepared!