Audrey Weber was born December 1st 2007.
Six weeks (to the day) after Elena.
They have been BFF's ever since.

Well, okay, fine.
They have been BFF's since they became old enough to ask to see one another.
And laugh together.

Just look at how happy they are:


Audrey was over playing with Elena again last night.
I am certain that Elena will miss Audrey when we move away.
I know I will miss her.
And her parents, too.

I guess the girls will just have to learn to write so that they can become
pen pals.
Right now, Elena can only draw a semi-straight line.
We've got our work cut out for us.

Just because Stella is just so damn cute, too
here is a shot of her.

Moments before she fell asleep.
Nano-seconds, really.

Happy Easter.

yes, I did have my trip to Austin.
more on that later.


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  1. You owe me those pictures of our kids together. I have empty frames hanging in my dining room that they will fill nicely. And the combo of my pregnancy hormones and the reality of our girls not playing together anymore (at least with any regularity) made me teary. And seriously- if you move away without giving me copies of those photos, I will be mad. And will not visit. :)