Wednesday Wisdom

*The moving truck has been secured. They load, drive, and unload. All we do is pack.

*OMG we have to pack.

*We have a showing today and another tomorrow. I HOPE HOPE HOPE somebody puts in an offer on our house already!

*I have already been given my work blackberry. I'm saddend by the impending loss of my iPhone.  I did hear a rumor that Verizon will get the iPhone in July. If that happens I will have another one. Mark my words.

*We leave for Mexico in one week. YAY vacation! I am so excited to see all of our friends in one location for an entire weekend. It's going to be a good last hurrah before DRL and I pack up and move 1103 miles down I-35.

*We signed a lease on a townhome yesterday. I'll attach some photos. The website for the community is here. Doesn't it look like a resort??

*Here is the actual unit where we will live. It's the corner one.

The view from the balcony (notice the pool!)


Living/Dining. The carpeted area will be my office.

*I have four squares completed in my duvet cover.

* I think I have a hundred and some more to make.


*I only have 10 pounds left to go before I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight!

*I still have 10 pounds to lose. Ugh!

*I am happy that Glee is back from break. It's corny, but I missed it.

*I am becoming a huge fan of Jay-Z. I am not ashamed of this. According to my brother-in-law Jake, his new album is "magic." I might have to pick it up....

*I am really digging Muse lately, too.



  1. I love where you are moving and i cant wait to visit. I luvvv Muse!

  2. i love muse. i mean seriously. i once drove a four hour trip up to my parents place listening only to Muse. They were at Coachella this year.Texas is a lot closer to Indio, CA than MPLS is.

  3. Which one of the floor plans do you have? Do you really have a 3 car gargage? That's what it looks like in the photo. Love the hardwood floors! It looks spectacular. Can't wait to visit.

  4. Details, details, details, people...did ANYONE not notice that there's MORE THAN ONE DRAWER in the kitchen?!?!?!?!?! hheeeeellllloooooo!!! Does THAT make the move worth it right there??? :)