Moving across the country is a big deal.
the bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana!

That's me being carried away again. 

After much searching I found a moving company. 
They load and drive and unload for us.
All we do is pack.
And they are well within our budget.

I am waiting for the paperwork on a Townhouse. 
A rental community.
With 5 pools.
And a movie theater.
And a Lazy River!
A Lazy River people!  
I think Elena is going to drive Daddy crazy with her requests to laze down said river.

Poor child is about to get a real good handle on disappointment.

The going away party is Friday night.
I hope you all can come.

We go to Mexico next weekend.
I'm terrified to leave the girls for a whole weekend,
but I am leaving them in perfectly capable hands.
Thanks, Mom.

My stress level is at an all-time high.
I might be cracking.
I can't be sure.

But I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime...
Enjoy photos of my little tree-hugger.



  1. we moved around a lot when I was a kid (every three years-ish). My mom was always in charge of it all- I witnessed many a melt down. I think it comes with the territory.
    (but everything always turned out wonderfully in the end- and her sacrifices during such times are what make her my hero.)

    Don't let it ruin your vacation ;)

  2. mexico? how fabulous.

    i think elena may win the battle of being in the lazy river. i didnt tell you that texas is HOT in the summer. damn hot. this is why there are 5 pools in your complex.


  3. I love that first picture of Elena! You had to wait a while to get pictures of her smiling, but it was worth the wait!