New Baby Smell: Kaia Jensen

I was blessed and honored today to take photos of Kari & Aaron's new baby girl.
I mean brand new.
Stinky reeky intoxicatingly new.

Their St. Paul cottage-esque home was dazzling.
And it desperately made me wish my home had style.

My house gets picked on by the other houses at the lunch table.
It gets "kick me" signs stuck to its back.
It asks for extra credit...
...even though it gets straight A's.

But I digress.

Kaia is precious.
My camera loved her.
It'll ask her out when she's old enough. 
Take her to a movie.
The roller rink.

But again, I digress.

There was so much light flooding the bedroom that I literally pointed and shot.
And I got to play with full manual! 
I barely did any post production on these shots.
I used some PW Actions on a couple.
And did some cropping.

Kari & Aaron (and Uncle Courtney)....
enjoy your preview.

And finally..
The Best Photo of the day.
Are you ready for this???
Are you sure??