Sherbet Pips!

For my birthday last year,
my dad gifted me a layer cake
(that's thirty 10" squares)
of Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hooey.
It took me a while to decide what to do with them
(yes, I have decision making issues)
but once I figured it out,
the quilt came together rather quickly.
This will be my first venture into free motion quilting
so I'm a little scared to officially start it.
But I'm sure that even if I screw it up,
it'll still be warm.

Even if it's not that pretty to look at.

Hey! Sort of like me.



dreaming big.

You all know about my photography business.
My dream of becoming a full time wedding and portrait photographer.
Today, that dream inched a little closer to reality.
Or, at the very least, looks a little more like reality....

Today I launched my very own website.
With my very own logo.
Designed by the amazingly talented Moxee

It's not only a photography website, 
but a place where I can share so much more than just my photos. 
It's a place for my knitting.
My quilting and sewing.
My personal life.
And every single story I am honored and blessed to tell for others.

I'm not sure what will happen to The Family Pelton.
I'm not sure I can keep up with two blogs 
(that's becoming apparent given my complete and utter lack of posting here)
but I am certain that I'd love it if you'd come over and check out my new digs.
Look through my galleries.
Leave me some comment love.

I'd love to know that you stopped by,
and that even if you can no longer read posts at this URL,
that you'll still come see me.

Maybe even take my grammar quizzes.

Love you all, dear readers.
Mean it.

so very much.


On Seeing...

It is important to remember, that sight, is just as important as vision.


Wednesday Wisdom

We moved over the weekend. It's been a whirlwind, really. 
Tuesday (last week) I flew to Austin
for a photography workshop (my first!)
and arrived home late Thursday night.
Friday I spent 10 hours at work and headed home at 9pm 
to ready my gear for a wedding on Saturday
in Cross Lake, Minnesota (three hours north).
I shot a wedding all day Saturday, and came home early Sunday morning
to a full trailer and empty boxes 
needing to be filled, packed, loaded.
Monday, I went to work.

The commute?
Fifteen minutes.

I have an hour and half of extra time now.

Time I used to spend driving.
Time that I can now spend with my darling daughters.
And DRL, too.

dear, loyal, amazing friends,
that I can spend updating this blog. 

I miss it.
I miss this blog.

I miss telling my stories.
Even if they're not any good.

So hopefully February will find me full of new material.

Also: Remember that you can keep up with me 
and all my photography adventures
over here.


(special thanks to Kelsea for the photo)