dreaming big.

You all know about my photography business.
My dream of becoming a full time wedding and portrait photographer.
Today, that dream inched a little closer to reality.
Or, at the very least, looks a little more like reality....

Today I launched my very own website.
With my very own logo.
Designed by the amazingly talented Moxee

It's not only a photography website, 
but a place where I can share so much more than just my photos. 
It's a place for my knitting.
My quilting and sewing.
My personal life.
And every single story I am honored and blessed to tell for others.

I'm not sure what will happen to The Family Pelton.
I'm not sure I can keep up with two blogs 
(that's becoming apparent given my complete and utter lack of posting here)
but I am certain that I'd love it if you'd come over and check out my new digs.
Look through my galleries.
Leave me some comment love.

I'd love to know that you stopped by,
and that even if you can no longer read posts at this URL,
that you'll still come see me.

Maybe even take my grammar quizzes.

Love you all, dear readers.
Mean it.

so very much.

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