Wednesday Wisdom

We moved over the weekend. It's been a whirlwind, really. 
Tuesday (last week) I flew to Austin
for a photography workshop (my first!)
and arrived home late Thursday night.
Friday I spent 10 hours at work and headed home at 9pm 
to ready my gear for a wedding on Saturday
in Cross Lake, Minnesota (three hours north).
I shot a wedding all day Saturday, and came home early Sunday morning
to a full trailer and empty boxes 
needing to be filled, packed, loaded.
Monday, I went to work.

The commute?
Fifteen minutes.

I have an hour and half of extra time now.

Time I used to spend driving.
Time that I can now spend with my darling daughters.
And DRL, too.

dear, loyal, amazing friends,
that I can spend updating this blog. 

I miss it.
I miss this blog.

I miss telling my stories.
Even if they're not any good.

So hopefully February will find me full of new material.

Also: Remember that you can keep up with me 
and all my photography adventures
over here.


(special thanks to Kelsea for the photo)

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