SAHN Dee-AH-go.

This is the view
from my window seat
on board Southwest Airlines
flight number (something or other)
en route
to San Diego.

I went to California
not with an achin' in my heart
like Led Zeppelin
but for my company's
National Sales Meeting.

This is about how much sightseeing
I was able to do
in four days.

I did manage to get one photo of the Sheraton hotel
where we
Now I am sick.
I have a sinus cold that is kicking my

DRL is sick, too.
He's got some weird flu-like
muscle ache.

The girls?
They're sick, too.

Now is definitely a great time
to wish you were me.



(Eminent) Domain

Did you notice?

When you type the address for this blog
you are redirected.

The difference appears slight.
But to me,
it's huge.


No more .blogspot

Blogger is still graciously hosting this humble blog.

{thank you}

But the name is now mine.

It's easier.

Just like me.

It's the little things
in life
that give me the greatest thrills.

Now I just have to build a photography site

I own that domain, too.

Anyone build websites?
For free?
Or for hats?






Soothing Repetition

I took the plunge.
I vowed to shoot one photo per week
for the whole year.

Shouldn't be difficult, right?
I mean,
I'm a photographer.

I shoot things all the time.

The purpose of this group
this challenge
is for one to grow.

I'm all for it.

Each week,
a new topic is presented.
A jumping off point
for inspiration.

This week:
Soothing Repetition.

Of course I chose knitting.
What else?
How do I take a photo
of my hands tickling the soft backs
of my daughters?

Of DRL massaging my feet at the end of the day?

The relaxing, rhythmic breathing
during Savasana
at the end of each Yoga class?

These movments
cannot adeqately be captured
in a still picture.

Or perhaps they can,
and I have yet to develop the talent
for such a photograph.

Week 3's theme
was "Shades of Gray."
I used this photo of Morgan:
I didn't want to submit
a black and white photograph.

Seemed too...

You know me.
I like different.
I like to shake things up a bit.

Week 2:
Interpret a Song:
Tiny Dancer.
One of the two songs my mom dedicated to me
as a little girl.

The second one
"Brown Eyed Girl."
And who doesn't love Van Morrison?

I missed week one.
I'll make it up eventually, I'm sure.

If not,
it's just like me to have 51 weeks in a year.



Wednesday Wisdom

}I leave for California tomorrow.  San Diego, to be precise.  I leave early.  Really, really, insanely, grossly, nooneshouldeverhavetobeawakeatthishour early. 

}Sadly, I am not going for fun.  It's work.  Every second of the 3 days I am there is scheduled. 

}I'll be in California.  For the first time since I was 6.  And I'll get to see very little of it.

}Boo-urns.  (Name that TV show..)

}I didn't watch much of the State of the Union address.  I'm pretty 'meh' on politics, and politicians, right now.  They all stink to high heaven. 

}I have no photos of my kids to post. I feel like a rotten momtographer. 

}Elena has a butterfly "tattoo" on her tummy.  Just like mommy.  Only hers is bigger.  And way more colorful.  Yes. I'm jealous of my 3 year-old's temporary Sharpie tattoo.

}I'm knitting a hat.

}......try to contain your surprise. 

}Though I am excited to see how it turns out...I am tired of knitting.  And quilting. And taking photos.  And most of all, working.  I want a vacation. For like 5 minutes.  Then I'll jump right back into the crazy that is my life.  Gleefully. 

}I'm going to Mexico in April for my 30th birthday.  Just me.  My closest girlfriends.  Low key.  Sun. Sand. Wine.  I couldn't be more excited.

}I'm working with a friend of mine to create fabulous business cards. Photography business cards.  Because, you know, I'm a photographer. 

}I'm actually calling myself a photographer.  And not wincing.  Or flinching.  Or with the raised inflection indicative of a question. 

}I might not blog much while I'm gone.  It'll be the longest number of days without a new post since November.  I apologize in advance. 

}Maybe y'all need a break from me 'bout now, anyway....


Oh. My. Gosh.  I just said y'all. 
Send help.
And quick...



I sewed.

And sewed
and sewed
and sewed some more.

I finished the quilt for Kari's little boy.
I made some half square triangles for a quilt that I've been working on forever.
When I ran out of on hand materials for that project
I still had a bug
(up you-know-where)
to create.

I covet almost everything Lucinda makes.
(Rebecca, too.  But that's another post for another day)

Luc sends me photos
before she puts her items up for sale
and I always ask her to send it to me, instead.

It hasn't worked, yet...but I'm nothing if not resilient.



I can't force Luc to send me every wonderful
handmade item she creates.

But I can copy her.
Okay, fine,

Because imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Because she's my bff.
Because she inspires the crap outta me.

And because I'm not ever going to start my own Etsy store
(and directly compete with one of my best friends forever ever...and ever ever)
Photography's my gig.  Sewing's just a hobby.
Vice versa for Luc.

We compliment each other nicely in that regard.

Still, I wanted to try my hand at making some of the beautiful things
that she creates.

I happen to think patchwork bibs are
And I happened to have some fabric lying around
that was exactly the right size.
Because I hate doing laundry
I made it reversible. 

The only problem?
I only put ONE button on it.  


Next up,
I wanted to see if I could make a wallet.
There's been so much talk around here lately
about patchwork clutches
I thought I'd use the one I purchased
as a jumping off point for my own design.

It's smaller than Luc's
and it's not nearly as well made.
But a valiant effort, nonetheless.

The item I am most proud of
is the iPad case I made
using the fabric I received from Heather Ross's Studio Sale.
From the envelope closure,
to the velvety buttery softness of the fabric
and the color of the flowers.

It's divine.

It almost makes up for the Helicopter one 
Luc is selling that I am crazy lusting over.




PS: If that helichopper iPad case is still available, go over to Luc's store and use that 15% discount before it expires and snatch that thing up.  Someone, ANYONE with an iPad will LOVE it.  Or you can buy it for me.  Or that fabulous swarovski Echino laptop case. I'll happy take that, too!

Discount code: Athena


Morgan (2.0)

Last Sunday
I had the extreme honor
of photographing little Morgan.
She didn't sleep a wink.

So I went back yesterday
in the hope
that I could get some peaceful

She slept.
For 2.0 minutes.

But I snapped photos
for 2.0 hours.
Give or take.

Here are some favorites
from both shoots.

(And a few photos of her adorable older brothers, too).


(can you guess who I think he looks like?)
(use might need to use some "strategery" to figure it out....)

I LOVED this little wagon.
L-O-V-E-loved it.
As soon as I saw it I just had to get Morgan in it for a photo.
Lucky for me, Morgan's mama was more than willing to oblige.
Morgan? Notsomuch.

We did our best.
And I edited it to look like an old, retro, photograph.
(or at least that's what I was aiming for.)

thank you.
For making my uterus go pitter pat.
For letting me take your photos.
And for being the most cooperative


May all your dreams come true, little one.
I can't wait to watch you grow.



Stars In My Eyes

A few weeks ago
a friend on facebook
asked if I would consider making her little boy
a quilt.

I of course said "YES!"
and we set to work deciding on fabric.

We narrowed the choices down
and I told Kari
I would surprise her with the quilt
once it was complete.

I finished it yesterday.
(it was so much fun to make!)

I washed it.
Got it nice and squishy and soft.

for a sweet
baby boy.
I decided to make the quilt using Riley Blake's All Star 2 line.
It's boyish.
Yet still hip.

I first fell in love with this fabric
when Luc made this quilt for bean.

But I have two girls.
Who already have quilts.

The pattern is simple.
It showcases the fabric nicely.

And I just loooooooooove
how the back looks.

But the quilting
is the best part.
In three different sizes.
Randomly placed
all over the quilt.

A simple stripe on the binding finishes it nicely.

I hope you love it!

Thank you for allowing me
to make such a precious heirloom
for your little boy.

I can't wait to see a photo of him
with his new lovey.



Saturday In the Park

We went to the park today.
Drl, the girls and I.
We met Jon and Melissa.
And Masen.

The kids played.
Melissa did some homework.
I knit.

And of course
took some photos.

It felt nice to point my camera at the kids again...




The winner
of the fabulous Lucends giveaway is....

(drumroll please)

......#9 Megan M! 
Congrats Megan!!
Email me (athenapelton@gmail.com) to claim your prize!

For those that didn't win
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If you find something you love,
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Happy Friday!



I Shall Call You Squishy, And You Shall Be Mine....

My phone rang this morning.
A great friend
who I worked with at my old job
was calling to ask if I would kindly knit her a hat.

"Of Course, Dahling!" I told her.
We talked about style (slouchy)
and yarn color (brown)
and I set my mind in motion.

Moments after we hung up
I had gotten a text asking
ever so nicely
if I could maybe
just maybe
use green, too.

"Ah, but of course, dahling!"

Off to work I went.
I have a day job, after all.
I have work to do besides knit, quilt, and take photos.

(bummer, I know!)

During the course of my day,
I happened to travel by one of my new favorite yarn stores,
Gauge Knits
and I found
the most

I'm a Malabrigo fanatic.
Psycho crazy person.
Merino wool is my weakness.
In every way.

But today, was different.
I bought squishy
peruvian wool.

I didn't buy brown.
I didn't buy green, either.
I bought gold.
And I am in loooooooooooove
with this yarn:
I cannot wait to see how the hat turns out.
I am going to make the flower using a lighter gold
with a little
sparkly sheen.
Because girls need a touch
of girly-ness
every now and then.

I hope you love the yarn I picked.
But if you don't
I'd be really
keeping it all to my greedy little self.


I know I said today was different.
That today I wasn't psycho crazed Malabrigo lady.
What I meant to say was,
I am always a sucker for a dreamy Merino.

Til Death Us Do Part....
Especially when it's gray,
blended with silk,
and flecked with hints of silver and pink.



(PS: Today is the last day to enter to win a gorgeous handmade item from Luc! Scroll down for all the info.)



On Sunday
I went to a client turned friend's house
to photograph
their newborn daughter,

She is currently 11 days old.
And she did not sleep one wink
the two hours
I was there.

I will be going back on Sunday
to take more photos
but here are three
from last weekend's

And yes,
I did knit the sack
and the flower
(the morning of the shoot).

I told you I was a nerd.