Remember this post?

As promised,
I went back to Cara
on New Year's Eve
to have the color completed on the tattoo.

We talked over ideas:
how the birds should be colored.
What the flowers would look like.

We talked about white.
And pink.
And Blue and Red and Yellow.

I took a deep breath,
Cara put a Tea Tree toothpick in her mouth
and she set to work:

I sat
mostly still
for two
and a half

While she worked
her magical skill
into my skin.

Words can not describe
how happy I am
with how this tattoo turned out.

It is nothing like I imagined it would be
when I first set foot
in True Blue Tattoo.

The colors aren't what I imagined when I went back
to have it completed.

It is...
beyond belief...

as a dear friend of mine says,
I now have

a Super Tramp Stamp.

And yes,
it does, in fact,
fight crime.



  1. love those birds A LOT. i almost got me some sailor jerry swallows but i could barely sit long enough to get "love" tattooed on my inside arm. so you totally amaze me.

  2. A huge thumbs up to you and your tattoo artist! This is one of the most colorful and well done tattoos I have seen in a long time. A true masterpiece!