Soothing Repetition

I took the plunge.
I vowed to shoot one photo per week
for the whole year.

Shouldn't be difficult, right?
I mean,
I'm a photographer.

I shoot things all the time.

The purpose of this group
this challenge
is for one to grow.

I'm all for it.

Each week,
a new topic is presented.
A jumping off point
for inspiration.

This week:
Soothing Repetition.

Of course I chose knitting.
What else?
How do I take a photo
of my hands tickling the soft backs
of my daughters?

Of DRL massaging my feet at the end of the day?

The relaxing, rhythmic breathing
during Savasana
at the end of each Yoga class?

These movments
cannot adeqately be captured
in a still picture.

Or perhaps they can,
and I have yet to develop the talent
for such a photograph.

Week 3's theme
was "Shades of Gray."
I used this photo of Morgan:
I didn't want to submit
a black and white photograph.

Seemed too...

You know me.
I like different.
I like to shake things up a bit.

Week 2:
Interpret a Song:
Tiny Dancer.
One of the two songs my mom dedicated to me
as a little girl.

The second one
"Brown Eyed Girl."
And who doesn't love Van Morrison?

I missed week one.
I'll make it up eventually, I'm sure.

If not,
it's just like me to have 51 weeks in a year.


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