A Tale Of Two Shots

A few months ago,
I followed Miz Boo's recommendations
and set my camera
to shoot on "Vivid."

A couple days ago
again after reading a Boo Blog
I took it off vivid
and set it back
to "Standard."

The differences are subtle
but I think
at least for now
I'm pretty keen on the soft
muted tones.

Or maybe I do like the punch
of color
and depth
that the Vivid shot provides....

Both of these shots are SOOC
(no retouching or enhancing of any kind)

Focal Length: 50mm
Aperture: 1.4
ISO: 400



(The top photo was shot on "Monochrome" and was not post-processed into black and white.)

Which do you like best?



  1. It totally depends on the purpose of the shot. If it is to sell me yarn- I want the one that looks most like the actual color of the yarn. If it is a photo of people, I also probably prefer the one that is closest to real life. If, however, you are doing a non-specific yarn beauty shot to say something like "our store has pretty yarn" or something like that, then I would say vivid.

  2. I like the colors of the standard shot but I like the look of the vivid shot, it's blurry in all the right places.
    Shannon c

  3. agree with Rebecca's comment for sure.

    just at a glance...mine eyes much prefer the vivid.


  4. i LOVE the colors of the 'vivid' shot!