Sunday Photography (& PayItForward Winner)

It goes without saying
that to be a successful photographer
one must do more than take a great photo
of camera.

One must possess
the ability
to post process as well.

This is one of my goals for 2011.
To master photoshop.

Or at least,
become proficient in it.

in an homage to Black Swan
I put on my pointe shoes
and snapped some shots.

I opened photoshop and played.

Below are my results.

All photos shot with a Nikon D90 using a 50mm prime at 1.4 and an ISO of 400.

These photos make me want to dance.

Then I remember the years of ingrown toenails
bloody toes
body image issues.

I think I'll let Natalie {Portman}
do the dancing.

Go see Black Swan
if you haven't already.

It's intense.


PS: The winner of the Pay It Forward Contest (using the random number generator at Random.org) is

But here's the great part for the other 3 of you that entered:
email me your address
and "proof" that you're going to Pay It Forward in 2011,
and if I have time this year,
I will send you something as well.

 'Cuz that's how I roll.


  1. I love the first two shots! The third one looks like it was painted. Nice work with the photoshop.

  2. see. that is where I have issues. I do not agree that a great photograph requires great post-processing. In fact, far too many times, I think the post part ruins the photograph. I used to follow Ree- and i took her off my roll because I got sick of all of the over-the-top processing.

    The line between reality and fiction is a tenuous one at best. I suppose it is the job of the photojournalist to capture reality, and the artistic photographer to tweak it as they see fit.
    But honestly- photoshop does not the photographer make.
    My question to you is this- when is enough, enough?

    ps- I don't know how much processing you have done on your photos up to this point- but I think your photos are great. (yes, great is a terribly vague adjective.)

    pps- what kind of "proof" is required for the craft dealio?