Because it's Tuesday
and there are only
in today's date
I thought I'd share
a bit of

About me.

Since many of you don't know me
all that well
what better way
to get acquainted
than to highlight
just how strange
I really am.

In list fashion
of course.

Cuz that's how I roll.

*When in a bathroom, the toilet paper MUST be over rather than under.  If I'm at someone else's house...someone that rolls under, I will change the roll.  It's my OCD.  If you've fallen victim to my switcharoo, I'm sorry.  It's a mental condition.  I can't help it.

*Speaking of OCD: I alphabetize my DVD's. I color coordinate my closet and then separate by sleeve length and clothing style (work vs. non-work).  Same with shoes.

*Suzanne Sommers taught me how to fold towels on an episode of Step by Step.  "1/3, 1/3, bend, bend, fold."  The towels have no unfolded edges exposed.  Again, I'm OCD.

*I never drank during pregnancy, but I craved red wine while I was gestating Stella.  I hated the stuff before I got pregnant with her.  Couldn't be in a room with it.  Now?  I'm practically an alcoholic.

*In light of my most recent admission, Jeff Van Vonderen wants me to know that there's a room full of people who love me like crazy.

*I'm a nerd.  I am certain this is not news to any of you, but I am.  I make no sense most of the time.

*I am in love with photography.

*When I was a little kid, a bank in my hometown closed down.  All of the old office supplies were thrown into a recycling dumpster behind the building.  I thought it'd be a great idea to go dumpster diving and pick up all the necessary objects required to start my very own business at home.  File folders, old phones, steno pads, balance sheets, etc.  I lugged it back to my house and took my first "phone call" as the president and CEO of the "Save the Whales" foundation.  My first customer?  Dylan McKay.  He wanted to buy an Orca.  And take me to dinner.  Swoon.

*I can't say no to people.  Ever.  If you ask me to do something, I am physically incapable of saying no.  I have a sick need to please people. Which is strange since I am the most selfish, narcissistic, self-centered person I know.

*I used to be horribly pre-occupied with the idea that I was, without a doubt, going to get breast cancer.  I had a brief scare when I was 24 and haven't thought about it since getting a clean bill of health following the surgical removal of an "unidentified mass."

*I love my blog.  I love that people come to read it.

*I used to steal spoons and forks from my high school cafeteria.  I used the cool ones to make a wind chime for a friend.  I gave it to him as a graduation gift. I secretly wished I had kept it, because I thought it was so cool.

*I wish I was brave enough to send a postcard to Frank.

*I don't get enough sleep. Ever.



  1. Sounds a bit like you inherited your OCD from your momma (poor girl) And, you left out that you are the most caring, sensitive and loving person and ultimate loyal friend anyone could ever have. Just tootin' your horn.

  2. I pretty sure you and I are long lost soul twins... or something like that. I felt like I was reading one of my very own lists. Kinda freaky in a kick ass cool way. ;)