Birthday Photos

Grandma Kay
Sneaking into the present pile....

Opening the gift from the Pounds clan- Leap Frog Fridge Farm - her favorite birthday toy!!

A nice farm animal puzzle set from the Weber's. Another favorite!

A singing card from Gramma. "Play it again, please!"

I'm pretty sure I like cake....


Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

It's official. Elena no longer xWeeks old or xMonths old. When people ask how old she is, I can just say a simple, sweet, "One." I'm so excited about it. And I'd like it to go on record that she will be One until she is one and a half, and she'll be one and a half until she is Two.

I'd like to take this blog posting to thank everyone who was kind enough to share Elena's party with her, and even kinder to bring her such lovely gifts. She had fun playing with her new toys through the evening on Sunday and all day Monday. I can't wait for her to get the chance to watch all of her great new movies!!

Yesterday she had her 1 year well baby visit with Auntie Jane (aka Dr Hess). All went well. She got four shots (ouch), and was cleared to eat all kinds of foods (except peanut butter), and drink whole milk -- and she got her first glass of ice cold whole milk as soon as we got home!! I'm pretty sure she thought it was great, maybe even the best ever. Though, she did sign for milk later in the night, and when given a nice cold cup of the creamy goodness, she pushed it away and pointed to her bottles. A new battle has begun.

Her stats for those interested: 18lbs 6ounces (10th percentile), 27.5" tall (10th percentile), 18.5" head circumference (90th percentile).

(P.S. I'm going to put her pictures on a disk tonight and upload them to the web from work tomorrow. )



Elena has taken her first steps, and the best part is that DRL and I were both home to witness it. It's rare that we both get to witness a first, and I feel so blessed that she included us together!!

She's also gotten her first molar. While, not entirely, but it's coming and it sure did cause quite the upset while the corner was breaking through. Hopefully she's rounded a corner and will be all smiles from here on out.

Since my last post, I have finished the sweater I was knitting for Logan (again, I know, the pictures...they're trapped in cyberspace. I've summoned a horde of CSI's to search for them.) and have also managed to crochet three hats. I'm thinking about making up a gaggle of them and selling them like hotcakes at Empi's yearly craft fair. We'll see. That's a lot of crocheting...and my carpal tunnel may start to act up. (Ok ok, I don't have carpal tunnel. I think I just have an aversion to taking something that is presently a hobby and turning it into a sort of "job." I'm worried all fun will be lost.)

It has also been determined that I am quite possibly the worst NFL Picks person out there. If there's ever a contest for who can get less than half right, I'm your girl. I've been playing the pool every week here at work, and I tell ya, it's been rough. Each week I leave the office with a big ol smile on my face thinking that this week will be my time to shine, my time to ride the golden pony of triumph. And Monday morning I sulk in knowing that no matter the result of that night's game...I'm not even in the running. It's funny that I can't even master 50/50 odds!!

That's the news for now. Boo on the Bailout, and hold on to your dollars.

As my dear friend Amie says,

"exes and ohs"