Elena has taken her first steps, and the best part is that DRL and I were both home to witness it. It's rare that we both get to witness a first, and I feel so blessed that she included us together!!

She's also gotten her first molar. While, not entirely, but it's coming and it sure did cause quite the upset while the corner was breaking through. Hopefully she's rounded a corner and will be all smiles from here on out.

Since my last post, I have finished the sweater I was knitting for Logan (again, I know, the pictures...they're trapped in cyberspace. I've summoned a horde of CSI's to search for them.) and have also managed to crochet three hats. I'm thinking about making up a gaggle of them and selling them like hotcakes at Empi's yearly craft fair. We'll see. That's a lot of crocheting...and my carpal tunnel may start to act up. (Ok ok, I don't have carpal tunnel. I think I just have an aversion to taking something that is presently a hobby and turning it into a sort of "job." I'm worried all fun will be lost.)

It has also been determined that I am quite possibly the worst NFL Picks person out there. If there's ever a contest for who can get less than half right, I'm your girl. I've been playing the pool every week here at work, and I tell ya, it's been rough. Each week I leave the office with a big ol smile on my face thinking that this week will be my time to shine, my time to ride the golden pony of triumph. And Monday morning I sulk in knowing that no matter the result of that night's game...I'm not even in the running. It's funny that I can't even master 50/50 odds!!

That's the news for now. Boo on the Bailout, and hold on to your dollars.

As my dear friend Amie says,

"exes and ohs"


  1. Feel free to use your hobby to warm the cold heads of my Washington children if you like. :-) Congrats on the first steps.

  2. Will do!! I haven't made any boys hats yet -- I could be fun to try!! I'll send some your way as soon as I get 'em done. DO they have any favorite colors?