Garden Child

If this was a real garden I would have been upset.  But it's mostly weeds.  I stink at growing things, so if it's green, I let it stay. I'm pretty laid back.  Elena likes to go into the flowers and sit down and she's carved herself out quite a spot already.  I managed to snap a few great photos of her in her new "fort."  

I'm Getting Ahead of Myself

I had one person enter my fabulous giveaway. Yes, you read that right, it was not a typo. ONE. My dear, dear friend Nadia. We've known each other since the 4th grade. She was my first friend when my mom moved us out into the middle-of-nowhere. Not that we were exactly in a thriving metropolis to begin with. But in 1992-ish, Osceola, WI, Pop:2067 was absolutely nowhere. And now, that nowhere is exaclty where I run to when I want some quiet. I can sit on my mom's front porch and not even see another house. And I like that. A lot.

But I digress.

Apparently, in my effort to merge both of my blogs into one, I failed to realize that I have a handful of readers. I am not Ree, or Dana, or Alexa for that matter. Even if I close my eyes and pretend real hard, there's still just you and me. The few of you who consistently venture into the realm of my diatribes. I'm happy that you are content with the witty reparte and photographs of my darling Little One that I offer up so readily.

So here we are. At The Family Pelton. And this is where we will stay. Unless, of course, you'd like to have some tea on that front porch I was talking about. Or you'd like to see some neat stuff I've made. Or I run into you at my next OB appointment.

I've got new photos to put up. They'll be coming along (hopefully) tonight.


Oh...and can anyone tell me how to make my text cross itself out? I don't have that option on my little toolbar, and I"m sure there's an HTML command for it, but I'm not a coder. Guide me, please, oh wise ones.


Seven (and a half) Minutes of Fame

This is it folks, this is my 15 minutes of fame (if you add in my Weather Spy photograph on Kare11 all those years ago and the poem I wrote for Earth Day that was published in the local paper in 8th grade). This short film is cheesy. It's campy. And it's kind of funny.

The camera does add 10 pounds, by the way. And if I've learned one thing from my obsession with America's Next Top Model it's that one mustn't forget to extend the neck. The karate gui I had to wear made my neck disappear. Nigel Barker, noted fashion photographer, would be horrified.

Sorry, Nigel.


Name Change and Contest

I'm changing the name of my blog. I'm venturing into new, uncharted territory and would really like to combine Lemonade Crafts with this family blog in a one-stop-shop sort of way. I'm taking suggestions for the new name of my blog and if your idea is selected, I am giving away a handsome prize. *to be announced* But it'll be good. I want a forum to give out my fashion citations, post gooey photos of darling children, discuss all thing craft-y, and you, know, entertain ya'll in my typciall self-depricating sarcastic, movie-line induced way.

Good Luck!

Offical Rules and stuff:
1.) Name must be original, and I need to be able to register it or something like it as my own domain name so I can leave blogger. Not that I dislike blogger, it has been wonderful to me and I thank it kindly. I will always remember my time here, and your kindness.
2.) Leave your entry in the comments section by midnight (central time) on Saturday, June 27th.
3.) Enter as many times as you like.
4.) Allow my comic book character self guide you in your quest.

Peace, Love, and sundresses,



Dear Hormones,

You suck.

Too harsh? Okay, let me put it this way.  I can't handle the tears any longer. I no longer want to be the crazy woman in the CRV who randomly and without warning flips a certain finger for no other reason than another driver's failure to appropriately signal an impending turn.  Or lane change.  (You know who you are, other drivers. A blinker is not something to do to be courteous. And the use of one is certainly not optional).  Also, dear hormones, I would like to make it through one Kare11 news extra without crying.  Or ASPCA commercial.  Or an episode of Cops.  

I think that DRL would agree with me on this.  Please leave my body.  Or at least do me a solid and level yourselves out already.

Who was it that said we must embrace our raging hormones as a necessary and beautiful part of the miracle of gestation? I would like to shoot them.  And then cry in their arms.  Minus the shooting.


Oh, and a P.S. for you 2.5 readers out there...I, Athena Pelton, am the unluckiest person on the planet.  Want proof? Over on Ree's blog, I actually managed to enter her daily trivia challenge and was the first to post the answers to the movie quotes.  YES you read that right. THE FIRST to post on a quiz about MOVIE QUOTES.  And wouldn't you know it, in all my (google searching) haste, I missed two. TWO.  Google, your open letter is coming. 

I am so ashamed. 


Go Ahead, Coo.

Introducing Mackenzie Marie Pounds. June 22, 2009. 6lbs, 12 oz. Gorgeous. I'll be snapping some newborn pics in a couple days when her momma's had time to heal and rest, and they are all a little more up for visitors. I can't wait to hug and kiss and cuddle this little niece of mine.

I'm A Horrible Blogger

Over on the Oklahoma frontier, my blog friend (though we've never met. Okay, fine, we've never actually spoken) Ree posts every day. And I love venturing over to her site to read her newest ventures, or look at all her wonderful (highly coveted) photographs. My cousin does a great job of keeping posts up to at least once a week, generally more. And then there's me. No wonder 2.5 people read my blog. I post maybe once a new moon? Or is it once with each phase?

Either way its far too few.

Now that college, and my attempt at gaining the title of craziest/busiest/whiniest person ever, is over for the summer, I might actually have the wherewithall to post more often.

As soon as I calm down from my shocking use of the word "wherewithall."

Did I mention I gained a neice today. I can't wait to meet her after work tonight, and I promise I'll have coo-inducing photos up as soon as possible!!




She loves the park so much that we have to spell it out for fear of our little one hearing us talking about this fabled land of wonder and begging to go, in her incessant parrot sort of way.
Park. Park. PARK? Park. PAAAARK!!

Yeah, that sounds about right. I took these just the other night...it was fun chasing her around with the camera.

This stick was the greatest toy on the planet. We left at the park "until tomorrow." So she said, "goodnight, stick" as we wheeled away in her red wagon.

Looking adorable.

She heard a plane. I asked her where it was, and she looked up. The trees are too thick to see the sky, but the look of wonder on her face is priceless.

The swing is her favorite right now. She used to like the tunnel, and the slide, but this is the end-all be-all for her right now.

Oh swing, if only you knew that your days are numbered. Soon she will move on to something else and you will be but a fond memory.
Goodnight, swing.


These photos really speak for themselves. It was her first experience with the juicy fruit, and she was enthralled. She ate (nearly) the entire piece and was very upset when it was gone. Oh, and I taught her how to do "cheers" so the photo of her and I is us "cheers-ing" with our melons. Better than beer, right?



I finally went and started a craft-only (well, at leat mostly) blog here. Take a look, I'm very excited.

In other news, Elena had her first watermelon last night, and she LOVED it. I'll have photos up very soon. They're too cute not to share!