I'm A Horrible Blogger

Over on the Oklahoma frontier, my blog friend (though we've never met. Okay, fine, we've never actually spoken) Ree posts every day. And I love venturing over to her site to read her newest ventures, or look at all her wonderful (highly coveted) photographs. My cousin does a great job of keeping posts up to at least once a week, generally more. And then there's me. No wonder 2.5 people read my blog. I post maybe once a new moon? Or is it once with each phase?

Either way its far too few.

Now that college, and my attempt at gaining the title of craziest/busiest/whiniest person ever, is over for the summer, I might actually have the wherewithall to post more often.

As soon as I calm down from my shocking use of the word "wherewithall."

Did I mention I gained a neice today. I can't wait to meet her after work tonight, and I promise I'll have coo-inducing photos up as soon as possible!!


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  1. Don't fret about us Family Pelton (or whatever you're calling yourself) readers. We'll be here whenever the posts come. That's why I love my Google Reader. It checks your blog for me and I'm always happy when there is a little (1) or maybe, like today, a (6) next to your name. Keep on keeping us informed. :-) Check out the video of Teddy on my blog. It's hilarious! I dare you not to cry!!!