I'm Getting Ahead of Myself

I had one person enter my fabulous giveaway. Yes, you read that right, it was not a typo. ONE. My dear, dear friend Nadia. We've known each other since the 4th grade. She was my first friend when my mom moved us out into the middle-of-nowhere. Not that we were exactly in a thriving metropolis to begin with. But in 1992-ish, Osceola, WI, Pop:2067 was absolutely nowhere. And now, that nowhere is exaclty where I run to when I want some quiet. I can sit on my mom's front porch and not even see another house. And I like that. A lot.

But I digress.

Apparently, in my effort to merge both of my blogs into one, I failed to realize that I have a handful of readers. I am not Ree, or Dana, or Alexa for that matter. Even if I close my eyes and pretend real hard, there's still just you and me. The few of you who consistently venture into the realm of my diatribes. I'm happy that you are content with the witty reparte and photographs of my darling Little One that I offer up so readily.

So here we are. At The Family Pelton. And this is where we will stay. Unless, of course, you'd like to have some tea on that front porch I was talking about. Or you'd like to see some neat stuff I've made. Or I run into you at my next OB appointment.

I've got new photos to put up. They'll be coming along (hopefully) tonight.


Oh...and can anyone tell me how to make my text cross itself out? I don't have that option on my little toolbar, and I"m sure there's an HTML command for it, but I'm not a coder. Guide me, please, oh wise ones.


  1. I did come up with an idea today. Should I tell you now, or do you want me to email it to you?

  2. I thought that you had picked one of those 2 ideas that you were talking about on facebook. And I had enough trouble naming mine...

  3. You can tell me now, Auntie K. And Rebecca...both of those websites were already taken. So we're back to the drawing board...