Dear Hormones,

You suck.

Too harsh? Okay, let me put it this way.  I can't handle the tears any longer. I no longer want to be the crazy woman in the CRV who randomly and without warning flips a certain finger for no other reason than another driver's failure to appropriately signal an impending turn.  Or lane change.  (You know who you are, other drivers. A blinker is not something to do to be courteous. And the use of one is certainly not optional).  Also, dear hormones, I would like to make it through one Kare11 news extra without crying.  Or ASPCA commercial.  Or an episode of Cops.  

I think that DRL would agree with me on this.  Please leave my body.  Or at least do me a solid and level yourselves out already.

Who was it that said we must embrace our raging hormones as a necessary and beautiful part of the miracle of gestation? I would like to shoot them.  And then cry in their arms.  Minus the shooting.


Oh, and a P.S. for you 2.5 readers out there...I, Athena Pelton, am the unluckiest person on the planet.  Want proof? Over on Ree's blog, I actually managed to enter her daily trivia challenge and was the first to post the answers to the movie quotes.  YES you read that right. THE FIRST to post on a quiz about MOVIE QUOTES.  And wouldn't you know it, in all my (google searching) haste, I missed two. TWO.  Google, your open letter is coming. 

I am so ashamed. 

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