Name Change and Contest

I'm changing the name of my blog. I'm venturing into new, uncharted territory and would really like to combine Lemonade Crafts with this family blog in a one-stop-shop sort of way. I'm taking suggestions for the new name of my blog and if your idea is selected, I am giving away a handsome prize. *to be announced* But it'll be good. I want a forum to give out my fashion citations, post gooey photos of darling children, discuss all thing craft-y, and you, know, entertain ya'll in my typciall self-depricating sarcastic, movie-line induced way.

Good Luck!

Offical Rules and stuff:
1.) Name must be original, and I need to be able to register it or something like it as my own domain name so I can leave blogger. Not that I dislike blogger, it has been wonderful to me and I thank it kindly. I will always remember my time here, and your kindness.
2.) Leave your entry in the comments section by midnight (central time) on Saturday, June 27th.
3.) Enter as many times as you like.
4.) Allow my comic book character self guide you in your quest.

Peace, Love, and sundresses,



  1. Don't have any names for you yet...but I simply love the site! You write so well...like you're sitting right next to me talking to me, I love it! And the pictures are amazing! She's going to love looking back at them someday! I'll keep thinking of names for you...before Saturday!

  2. ok...I've got some thoughts but I can't put a "name" to them...one that would fit the contest:

    - porch swing in the summer time...drinking lemonade...catching up on stories, summer time fun, parents watching as their kids play, sprinklers on the front lawn, perhaps you knitting something new for your kids...taking photos...

    That's the VISION I have that I think would fit nicely into your craft AND the blog

    That's all I've got...