Shop, Save, Win.

Most of you know
or have heard me reference
my dear friend

She has an etsy shop.
It is marvelous.
She makes and sells the most wonderful things.

knitting patterns,
camera straps,
laptop and iPad cases,
coin/makeup/misc pouches/clutches
Patchwork Wallets.

I have one of these coming.
I'll blog photos of that once I get it and fill it up with all my junk.
(I also have a pleated zipper pouch and I simply adore it.)

Her items are so meticulously well made.
Thought out.

And she has impeccable taste
when it comes to picking fabric.

She also embroiders!
This wallet has a little reminder
(as if we girls needed it)

Check out her full store

Luc and I think
that everyone should have a little something
from lucends
at home.

In light of this,
I will be giving away one item
(not necessarily a patchwork wallet...)
handmade by lucinda
for one lucky person.
To Enter:
Leave a comment on this post by Midnight onThursday, January 20th.

Tell me about your dog.
Your favorite cold-weather comfort food.
Your pesky older brother.
Whatever you want to say.

Random.org will pick the winner
on Friday morning.

So that everyone
can feel like a winner,
Lucinda has also
offered up a 15% discount to my blog readers. 
Use Discount Code Athena at checkout.

Happy Shopping!


  1. "Do not withhold good from those who deserve it,
    when it is in your power to act." Proverbs 3:27
    All your 'groupies' are good. It's nice that
    you give them the chance to receive a treat from

  2. I love Luc's items - she has a great eye for color.

    And I suppose my favorite comfort food right now is my broccoli chicken quiche -it makes for an awesome breakfast in the mid-morning. Or broccoli cheddar soup for lunch. Hmm, maybe warm broccoli with anything is what I'm going for right now. But I'm inconstant with my affections, so I'm likely to crave warm bread or a pot roast next week.

  3. Luc;s items are beautiful!! What talent!!

    My dog...just got her on Saturday, she is a Yorkie Poo and her name is Mylie. She is 3.5 years old and weighs 5lbs.

    Comfort food for winter: my homemade chili!

    I dont have an older brother.

  4. So cute! I love a good giveaway!
    Shannon C

  5. Those are pretty cool pictures. Your friend is very talented.
    My dog, well, he isn't with us any longer. RIP Magic. I snowmobiled with my oldest brother all weekend.
    My favorite winter comfort food is Knob Creek on the rocks.
    Miss you neighbor!

  6. 1. hate dogs!
    2. pizza and cake
    3. brother moving to New Orleans :( :(
    4. nice work on this here blog sister :)


  7. My Dogs name is Abigail, meaning Joy.
    I got her to bring a little joy to my life.
    She is a jack Russell, and a pain in my butt.
    She can jump about 5 feet in the air.
    no lie.

  8. I don't have a dog, but I do have a wonderfully spoiled cat- I've had her for 17 yrs so she's quiet the old lady now. She's pesky, but cute :)

    PS I have gotten tons of compliments on the gorgeous hat you made me and it's kept my head nice and warm this winter! Thanks again!

  9. It's official. There is a dog with a worse bark than Bell. It's my smallest dog Ernie. Ask your mom about it.


  10. Hi! I checked out her site and thinking about buying a wallet.She makes some awesome stuff! I am excited to see the hat you are making for Andy I'm sure he will love it.Talk to you soon....Kim

  11. Hi! I came across this blog through your FB- I love seeing your new status posts- some make me laugh and some I can relate to. Thanks for your creativeness :)

  12. LOVE it all, everything looks so colorful and fun!!!! And I got registered just in time!!

  13. ok. not quite the end. but still close.