I sewed.

And sewed
and sewed
and sewed some more.

I finished the quilt for Kari's little boy.
I made some half square triangles for a quilt that I've been working on forever.
When I ran out of on hand materials for that project
I still had a bug
(up you-know-where)
to create.

I covet almost everything Lucinda makes.
(Rebecca, too.  But that's another post for another day)

Luc sends me photos
before she puts her items up for sale
and I always ask her to send it to me, instead.

It hasn't worked, yet...but I'm nothing if not resilient.



I can't force Luc to send me every wonderful
handmade item she creates.

But I can copy her.
Okay, fine,

Because imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Because she's my bff.
Because she inspires the crap outta me.

And because I'm not ever going to start my own Etsy store
(and directly compete with one of my best friends forever ever...and ever ever)
Photography's my gig.  Sewing's just a hobby.
Vice versa for Luc.

We compliment each other nicely in that regard.

Still, I wanted to try my hand at making some of the beautiful things
that she creates.

I happen to think patchwork bibs are
And I happened to have some fabric lying around
that was exactly the right size.
Because I hate doing laundry
I made it reversible. 

The only problem?
I only put ONE button on it.  


Next up,
I wanted to see if I could make a wallet.
There's been so much talk around here lately
about patchwork clutches
I thought I'd use the one I purchased
as a jumping off point for my own design.

It's smaller than Luc's
and it's not nearly as well made.
But a valiant effort, nonetheless.

The item I am most proud of
is the iPad case I made
using the fabric I received from Heather Ross's Studio Sale.
From the envelope closure,
to the velvety buttery softness of the fabric
and the color of the flowers.

It's divine.

It almost makes up for the Helicopter one 
Luc is selling that I am crazy lusting over.




PS: If that helichopper iPad case is still available, go over to Luc's store and use that 15% discount before it expires and snatch that thing up.  Someone, ANYONE with an iPad will LOVE it.  Or you can buy it for me.  Or that fabulous swarovski Echino laptop case. I'll happy take that, too!

Discount code: Athena

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