Shake It

I downloaded a new app for my iPhone.
The iPhone that DRL will be acquiring in the very near future.

He is terribly excited.
Do you know how much fantasy baseballing can be done from an iPhone??

Neither do I.
And that's how I like it.

Moving on.

This app...
...my current favorite, is called Shakeit.

It turns your camera into a Polaroid replica.
(No. An actual Polaroid photo does not slide out from the bottom of your iPhone.) 

But it does something else.
Even cooler.
The photos are a little bit grainy.
Kind of tilted in an odd way.
Kind of cool.

Case in point: This is the fabric of a dress I recently purchased.
Yes: I am aware that it looks like upholstery.
This is why I love it.
It has charm.

And here is Dayna.
Just before she shoved a giant forkful of DQ cake down her gullet.
The same Dayna that got me reading the Twilight saga.

And here is me:
Self portrait.
Moments after leaving the salon with my sweet new style.
It hasn't looked as good since. 
Stupid professionals-who-do-everything-better-than-a-normal-woman-can-at-home. 

And our maple tree.

Princess Smarty Pants:
With a little bit of sun flare.
I think I like sun flare.
I think I might start looking for it.
Take THAT flare-haters.

Shakeit even takes great photos of inanimate objects.
Things that go otherwise unnoticed in our day-to-day lives.

Things like book covers.

Buy it!
Tell them I sent you.
I'm not afraid.

I am also not afraid that in the past week I've used my Shakeit more than my D90.


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