What I Need

It is almost time for the weekly installment of Wednesday Wisdom.

I doubt I'll have time to blog tomorrow.
I don't really have time to blog now.
There is updating to be done.

Instead of posting a Wednesday Wisdom,
I am, instead, going to give you a list of things I could really use right about now.
Things I need.

Okay fine.

I take it back.

In no particular order.

I need the moving truck to arrive with all of our wordly possessions.  Which they aren't going to do until Friday.

I need to stop living out of a hotel. Which I am not going to do until Friday.

I need a kegerator filled with Shiner Bock.

I need my clothes so I have more than two pairs of underwear.
And one pair of pants.
And no shoes.
Except for the ones I've scrounged up in discount bins along the way from MN to TX.

I need a TX Tag so I don't get a ticket for using the tollway without one.

I need sanity.

I need to do something creative.

I need to spend time with my kids.
In my own home.
With their toys and things and books and games.

I need to sleep in my own bed.

I need to use my new jacuzzi tub.
For at least an hour.
Maybe two.

I need a pedicure.
And a manicure.
And a hearty dose of Paxil.

I need the unseasonably warm weather to head up to MN and give TX a break.
It's effin HOT here.

I'll take the MN winters back, please.

I need to upload the photos I took of southern Oklahoma.
It is beautiful there.
I stopped along the way and took some shots at a scenic overlook.
Wildflowers and hills as far as you could see.

Which was almost to Colorado.

I need to set up my office.
So I can work.
At a reasonable hour.
Not at 10:41 pm like tonight.

I need groceries.

I need structure.

I need a routine.

And now,
dear readers,

I need sleep.

I promise to update on all things move related.
And DRL and my trip to Mexico.
And whatever else I'm missing.
Or that you need to know.



  1. I can't wait for the updates. At least this way I can still see what is going on with the family. Here's to hoping for some cooler weather and your furniture.

  2. there is one more thing you need... TO BREATHE!!!
    (did that help you?) :)