The Usual

I suppose it's about time for an update.

Stella had her four month well baby visit.

(I miss our family doctor.)

She's perfectly healthy and normal and average.
13 pounds. 23 1/4 inches.
a large head.
The usual.
She got some shots.
She screamed.

Elena isn't napping.
This is making post 6pm very interesting.
And by "interesting" I mean frustrating.
Full of whining.
Temper tantrums.
The usual.

Stella is putting everything into her mouth.

We think she might be getting her first tooth.
Though, she's not making too big a stink about it.
Which is fine by me.

Keep on comin' little painless tooth.
And tell the rest of your buddies to come on in {painfree} too!

She does have a pretty significant rash at the present moment.
Likely from the night I plopped her in the tub with me
completely forgetting that I used Aveda products for the bubbles.

Silly me.
Everyone knows Johnson & Johnson is for babies.

Just like everyone knows Trix is for kids.

We thought Stella got bit by something...
...and we got worried.
So we spent the better part of an hour in an Urgent Care clinic.
We also spent the better part of fifty dollars there.

Stupid copays.

My new job is going well.
I am getting acclimated nicely.
It is fun.
and hot.

I sit in a car all day.
And when I am not in the car I am walking to or from it across a parking lot.
Without trees.
or shade.

Paved in black asphalt.

The sun is relentless.

This is my only complaint.

That, and my work phone is also my personal phone.
And yes - patients do call at 8:38 on Friday nights.

Oh...and I loathe Verizon wireless.
So I guess I have two complaints.

DRL found a skate park.
He proceeded to break his skateboard in less than an hour.
The usual.
Needless to say, he's adjusting well, too.

That's the news for now.
Sorry for not calling.
Sorry for not updating sooner.
Sorry for my love-handles.


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  1. You sound sad. :(

    what did you think bit Stella?