Promises, Promises.

I promised you photos.
Photos of damaged moving goods and breathtaking wildflowers.
I am nothing if not true to my word.

Would you LOOK at these flowers?

There were fields upon fields of them in Southern Oklahoma.
As far as the eye could see.
Which was almost all the way to Colorado.

Now that I've buttered you up with beauty
feast your eyes on this!

All of my dinnerware was in this box.
Notice it IS marked fragile.
"Fraa-gee-lay. Must be Italian."

Another shining example of sturdy box construction.

Our broken chair.

And now that I've saddened you with these horrific images,
allow me to up your spirits once again with this:

And last, but not least.
The piece de resistance.

Jad Jergens, benefactor of the Throttle Tan craze that is sweeping the nation.
*more on this later*

Yes. He is in his underwear.
In Mexico.
While holding an iron.

And no,
I am certain he is not ashamed.
And he shouldn't be.

Just look at that perfectly bronzed skin!


1 comment:

  1. Ashamed? Jad Jergens knows no shame. He knows ironing...and bronzing...and near frontal nudity...but no shame.