Losing It.

Today kind of felt like this. 

Like I had been hit by a truck.

It started great.
I had a great breakfast meeting with a prominent pain specialist group in Georgetown.
I had a successful lunch with a PT group.

I came home with a smile on my face.

And then I was in tears.

I tried to call Space Moving and Storage- the carrier assigned to our move by American Van Lines.
I went online and found an alternate number.
Then I tried the toll free 800 number.

It appears our moving carrier has gone out of business.
Which means we likely have no recourse for all of our damaged furniture.

Then, I saw our cell phone bill.
$100 more than it should be.
I get to sit on the phone with yet another customer service department.

We got a response from the bank in regard to the offer on our house.
They countered the buyer's offer.
By quite a bit.

If the buyers don't accept, we might end up losing the chance at a short sale.

I feel run over.

And my girl Nadia is right: Everything will fall into place.  And soon.
Rebecca is right, too: At least our moving company went out of business after we received all our stuff.
(she always knows how to make me smile.)

But still.

I'm hoping tomorrow's a better day.
I'm hoping tomorrow I can learn to let go a little.
To stop fretting over details I cannot control.
To enjoy the amazing gifts that enter into my life each day.
I'm hoping I can follow my {new} friend Brady's advice
and find solace in a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

And I'm hoping the next time I am sitting on the floor
crying my eyes out
that my darling Elena will come up to me,
just as she did tonight,
and pat my dripping crying eyes
and whisper,
"shhhh, shh, sorry sorry, momma.
don't cry, momma.
it's going to be alright, momma."

And then I hope she tells me,
"you don't need to cry, momma.
I didn't throw a toy.
I wasn't bad! Promise."

And then I'll laugh.
I'll regain perspective.
And though I may still be a little run over,
at least I'll be laughing.

And it is because of this,
along with soooo many countless other reasons,
that I am blessed and grateful and thankful for my children.


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  1. Crying with you. I'm asking the lawyer hubby about whether or not you can go after the American Van Lines because they were the prime contractor...message my hubby with details and he'll help.