A couple years ago I made Elena a teddy bear out of this book. 
I made it in blue.

I didn't want everything she owned to be pink.

I recently decided
so as to be completely fair
that I should also make one for Stella.

I didn't want hers to be pink either.

Elena's blue bear coordinates well with the quilt I made her.
So I thought I could match Stella's to her quilt, too.

And so I picked green.
Washable cotton.

We are hoping that perhaps she'll attach to it.
It will be her lovey.
Her safety item.

So far the plan is working.
And yes.
Your eyes do not deceive you.
The bear has no arms.
I am working on those as we speak

I am working on the ears, too.

My progress has been slowed
due to Elena's inability to leave anything belonging to mommy alone.

Or out of her mouth.

Exhibit A:

My only pair of size 3 needles have been compromised.

I am off to find a knitting store.
Perhaps one that sells titanium needles.


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