Little People

This photo has nothing to do with the content of this post. 
It has a lot to do with why I am so excited to come home every night.
Do you see that smile? She does this ALL the time.
Happy. Baby. 

And do you see this?
This is my girls playing together.
Okay fine.
Alongside one another.

But what Elena really loves?
Her collection of Fisher Price Little People.
And she has quite an array of different people.
A set of townfolk and farmers.
That one she's touching is "Ducktor Hess."
Her family doctor back in MN is Dr. Hess. 
She delivered Elena.
Stella, too.
She is on the long list of people we miss.

She also has animals.
A lot of cows.
Perhaps she knew we were coming to cattle country before we did.
Kids know things.
It's true.
Don't believe me?
Just watch "The Sixth Sense" sometime.

These are her playmates right now.
She talks to them.
She plays games with them.
They get into trouble and she yells at them.
She moves them from the rocking horse.
To the window.
This makes Stella, 
who watches Elena intenly,
veeeeeery tired.
It makes the little people tired, too.
So they go to sleep in the blinds.
But the animals sleep on the floor.
Right in front of the rocking horse.

I promise we are going to join a playgroup.


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  1. precious! happy babies are such a wonderful thing.
    i heart the pic of elana and the rocking horse.