The Book of Lists

I once read a book called The Book of Lists.  
It was just that.
Random, interesting, useless lists of information you never needed to know.

I enjoyed every morsel of that book.

In honor of it, I am going to recreate it for you.
Dear, sweet, patient readers.
Consider it my tribute to you.
And your tireless checking for updates to this here blog.
With no reward.
Until now!

List One: Items the Moving Company Could Not Fit on the Truck.
(also known as "Items Left Behind.")
1) Armoire (that matches and completes our bedroom set)
2) Vacuum and Shark Steam Mop for total home cleaning.
3) Radio Flyer wagon for cessation of toddler tantruming.
4) Gas Grill for Summer enjoyment.
5) Futon for Guest Sleep-age.

List Two: Homtels
(also known as "Places we slept because we had no stuff.")
1) The Hampton Inn Round Rock. This hotel was fabulous. The best hotel breakfast. Comfy beds.  But they were full after Tuesday so we only stayed here for two nights.
2) Wyngate by Windham.  This place had ants. On the second floor. And no AC in the common areas.  It was nearly 100 degrees here last week.  H.O.T.
(On another note: Elena kept asking to go to our new home, which we would visit each day so as to make the cat not hate us. Or pee on our stuff.  And to do laundry, since we had 2 outfits. Each. And then we would go back to the hotel.  After a day or two of this routine Elena just decided to call it the "Homtel."  I thought this was very insightful for a two-year-old.)

List Three: Items Broken and/or Rendered Useless During Transport
(also known as "They wrecked our stuff, and no, we're not getting any money back.")
1) Kitchen Chair.
2) Dish Box. (The dishware escaped unharmed. Act of God, I presume.)
3) Halogen Desk Lamp.
4) Each and every moving box.  Crushed.  Rendering the claim that they would "withstand 4 moves or 10 years of storage!" completely false.  Or, rendering our moving company completely incompetent.

List Four: Items Damaged During Transit
(also known as "If It Wasn't In A Box, It's Not Nice Anymore.")
1) Bed
2) Nightstands. Two each.
3) Crib
4) Toddler Bed
5) Chest of Drawers
6) Mattress and Boxspring
7) Child's Toy Shopping Cart
8) Baby Bouncy Chair
9) Floor Lamp
10) TV Stand
11) Laundry Basket

Needless to say the move was, well, less than seamless.
I can understand it taking 7 days to transport our things 1100 miles.
I just wish that had been communicated up front.
Then we could have
Maybe PACKED for a week-long hotel stay.
And prepared a little more, mentally.
I also wish they had estimated our move better.
So that our Armoire could have made the voyage.
And our vacuum.

Really. I need a vacuum.

But, dear readers.
I have you.
And for that I am thankful.

And I finally have internet service.
For that, you are thankful, I am certain.
(I am sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long!)

Apparently, my upload speed is about as fast as DRL's driving.
So I will be contacting Time Warner Cable and upgrading.
Post Haste.

So that I can show you photos.
Of broken chairs.
And cute babies.
And Southern Oklahoma.

It took my breath away.
The photos don't do it justice.

You'll see.

The point of this way-too-long post?
We are here.
Our stuff is here.
We are settling in nicely.



  1. That's why if we move to Virginia, we're going U-Haul. It was fun the first time from WI -> WA.
    I think we'll have to store the kids with a grandma during the process, though.

  2. Grandma will be waiting.

  3. Glad to hear you are there and have some of your stuff even if it isn't in one piece

  4. WOW!!! So, basically you eventually have to get all new stuff that broke or got damaged in the move. This move sounds like it was the move from hell!

  5. darn those movers... at least there is fantastic shopping in austin!