DRL and I took the girls down the street to the park near our house.
He takes them there every day, but I wanted to watch Elena play.

Little did I know
Elena wasn't much in the mood for play.

She took her trail mix

And arranged it neatly at the end of the merry go round.

She was so methodical about it.
So precise.

Then I decided to spin the merry go round.
All the mix went flying.
Into the dirt.

I am a horrible mother.

Elena was sad.
And once she threw her fit,
as two year olds often do,
she was fine.

She was better than fine.

In fact,
She decided to audition for lead singer in a rock band.

"Hello New Yoooooooooork! Are you ready to rooooooooock?!?!"

I think I'll make a great stage mother.

And while all of this was going on
Stella was doing this:
I don't know how she can sleep through all that loud rock music.


P.S. To all of our past and present service members,
thank you.

For Real.

For Everything.


  1. stella needs to send some of her napping mojo to her friend chace up in new york. the child had decided he doesnt need to nap anymore and it killing him mama.


  2. Love the Rock Star pic. Hope things are going well for you down in Texas.
    Take Care