Unofficially Official.

Yesterday afternoon my soon-to-be new boss, Kristan, walked into my cubicle here at the EMPIre.

"Pending final approval, I wanted you to know that the job is yours."

I'm stilling waiting on that "final approval."

But I wanted to share with you,
my lovely, faithful, without-you-I'd-be-nothing
very quiet
5.7 readers
that it looks as if TFP will be moving.

Just look at the Capitol building.
Ain't it purty?

Legal Dislcaimer:
Due to the unofficial nature of this job offer, I cannot tell you the name of the job, for which company, or what city/state this Capitol building is in.
But..you are all very, very, extremely smart individuals.
And you can probably figure it out.


  1. i am so over the moon excited for you!

  2. Yay! Congrats!

  3. Major answer to prayer!
    You deserve this promotion, and we
    look forward to our coming visit next year!
    If you need anything, let us know.
    Love you 'tina.