Wednesday Wisdom - Nadia Style

I sent this email to my girlfriend Nadia today.
Explaining the plan for my trip to Austin tomorrow.
I thought it was a good enough summation to share with everyone.

Here's the skinny...Just so you're up to date. I"d call...but i'm at work. You know how it is...

I leave for TX tomorrow. I arrive in Austin at 1:55 and zoom over to the hotel for my interview at 2:15. After my interview, the Regional Manager and I will be bumming around the city and going to dinner. Then it's back to my hotel for a quiet night all by myself. (Read: Boredom/homesickness/wishing i had a friend to drink with at the hotel bar). Friday we'll be seeing clinics and doing patient fittings and then my flight leaves Austin at 2 or 3, and I get home around 8:30. I'll snuggle my girls and put them to bed and then hopefully collapse in a heap of "OMIGOD I TOTALLY GOT THE JOB!"

If not...then I will wait until Monday/Tuesday/Dear God don't make me wait forever to find out for HR to tell me if I'm "the one" or if they've decided to "go another direction." In which case I will either jump up and down and cry tears of joy, or jump up and down and scream obscenities at the recruiter. Either way, there will be jumping and tears.

Due to the conscise nature of this email, I believe I will be copying and pasting it to the blog for my Wednesday Wisdom post.


You inspire me, oh muse.
Oh bestie of mine.
I'll heart you forever,
Till the sun doth not shine.

We met in the fourth grade,
our loud mouths were the sign
that great friends we would be
'til the end of all time.

A couple decades have passed
and so have some fads
since we first became friends
and I started calling you "Nads."

We knew in our hearts,
no matter the season
we would be friends for life
and loud mouths are the reason.


I heart the crap outta this woman.
So do my girls.
I will miss her so much when/if we leave that I will ache.
But phones are amazing.
Skype is even better.
And we've made it 20 years already.
What's 1000 miles?


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