Wednesday Wisdom

*My maternity leave is officially over. I went back to work today.  In fact, I am there right now. (shhhh...)

*I fly to Austin next Wednesday for another interview.  Then I will work the territory with the Regional Manager on Thursday. We'll take a couple doctors to lunch, visit a few therapy clinics, see the city, drive the region.  I'm excited.

*Being back at work....feels like I never left.  I'd like another three months off, please.


*I hate pumping.  H.A.T.E.  I feel like a cow.  But it's a necessary evil.

*I miss my baby.  And my girl.  And I can't wait to get home to them.

*I broke in a new shirt and a new pair of shoes today.  Yay for having a reason to be out of my pajamas!

*I'm working on a blog post that will be witty, sarcastic, and full of the self-deprecation you've come to expect from me.

*It's going to be deeeeelicious.


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