Wednesday Wisdom

*My brother turned 30 today. Which means I have 13 months left of my twenties.

*This doesn't scare me. Not even a little.

*Our house is officially on the market. I'm hoping it sells. I'm hoping we get an offer. And soon.

*I think Texas is happening. I really, really think it is.

*My mom will be joyfully crushed.  Happy for her little girl - chasing my dreams and living life to the fullest, and sad for the thousand miles that will separate us.

*I am so blessed for the comments you all left for me in regards to the possibility of uprooting my life, comfort, and family for a new job. A new city. A new life.  New everything.

*I feel like we are about to embark on an amazing adventure.

*I'm nervous and excited.

*And scared. Though I keep reminding myself that if we hate it - the city, the job, our new life - then we move back to Minnesota. So really, what's the worst that could happen? There isn't a worst.  No matter what, the decision to move is surrounded by good.  We will miss every single person we are leaving behind.  But we will be back to visit. And often.

*I have 20 pounds still to lose.  This is not good news.

*Thanks to Tiff and Abby, we now have a Nintendo Wii (on loan!).  I'm going to give the Wii Fit a go and see what I think.  I'm hoping I respond better to it than I do to the treadmill!

*I need your prayers for my cousin's little boy. He's recovering from his second surgery in just two short weeks.  Teddy is a champion, and will be fine. Of this I am certain.  But April could use prayers for rest. For comfort.  And for strength.  And since praying isn't so much my thing, I thought I would reach out to those of you who might be better at it....

*Hat season is over.  Spring is springing.

*I am selling a gray hat and matching neckie, and a newborn blue w/snowflake hat.  If you want them, let me know!

*I love you all.

*I'm wearing heels again.


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