Wednesday Wisdom

*The interview for the position in Austin was yesterday afternoon.  I did well.  Now I just wait...

*I wore a cream colored suit.  It was gray and rainy outside.  I felt a little like I should be standing at a courthouse getting ready to marry Ellen.  But my co-workers said it looked nice.  I'll trust their judgement!

*Today makes it official.  I go back to work in one week.

*I have another shoot for HautHaus on Tuesday.  I'm excited to see another of Holly's masterpieces.  I might even pick up my 50mm 1.4 before that shoot.  Provided DRL okays such a purchase....

*Elena is in a toddler bed now.  We took the front rail off the crib last night.  She didn't get out of bed once.  I worry that such behavior won't last long!

*I am itching to make another quilt.  Only this time I want to make a quilted duvet cover, matching shams, and a bedskirt.  I. Am. Insane.

*I am going to knit Stella a stuffed Bunny (pattern courtesy of Debbie Bliss.)  I made Elena a teddy bear, so it's only fair that I make something for Sis.  I have to pick up the yarn today.  Hopefully I can finish it before I go back to work.

*We had our first showing last Thursday, and got our first offer on Saturday night.  After some back and forth the potential buyers ended up backing out.  They weren't aware that it was a short sale situation.  We have since lowered the price on the home, and now under the MLS remarks "short sale" is listed.  Hopefully this will prevent any future confusion!

*I am currently partaking in the 'Special K Challenge.'  I have tweaked it a bit because I am nursing and can't cut my calories too severely.  We'll see if it still works...

*Elena continues to love puzzles.  She is putting together her Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle as we speak.  All by herself.  Brilliant kid.

*I feel truly blessed to live the life I do.  And I thank every single one of you for making it possible.

*I still hate the treadmill.

*And my lovehandles, too.


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