Wednesday Wisdom

Since my post yesterday was a little...

I'll lighten things up a bit today.

For this week's "Wednesday Wisdom" I offer you,
dear readers,
all 7.6 of you,
a glimpse into the mystery trapped inside an enigma stuffed in a quagmire that is...

Here are some things you may not have known.

*I'm only 5 feet tall. Five foot Zero. Nothin'. Nada. Zilch.  I'm short.  And I once heard that in the state of MN drivers under the height of 4'10" have the option of getting handicapped parking access.  When I'm 80, being super short will finally have its perks.

*DRL and I have known each other since I was 15.  He had just broken up with a best friend of mine when we met.  Logically, I was on her side and hated him.  He was the evil boy that broke her heart.  Then I married him.  And she was the maid-of-honor at our wedding.  It's funny how things change. 

*My dad is really my adopted dad.  This is why he is 6'5" and I am not.  Though it's funny to see people look at him, then at me, then back at him when I tell someone he is my dad.  I laugh every time.  During the father-daughter dance at my wedding I stood on a chair to dance with him. 
*I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  You never have to guess how I feel. Good or bad, I don't hide it well. 

*I'm horrible at keeping my own secrets. If I get someone a gift or plan a surprise, it's all I can do not to tell them early.  I just get so damn excited.  Conversely, I can keep other people's secrets as if my life depended on it.

*I wish I had more tattoos, but I'd rather spend my money on camera lenses now.  Though I do plan to get something in honor of my girls.  I just don't know what yet.

*I miss my grandmother almost every day. Especially now that I have kids of my own.  I watch my mother with them and ache for my gramma.  She gave the best hugs.  And made a great sandwich.

*I have the best friends. Ever.  Ranging from as far back as the fourth grade, and as recent as a woman I met through the blogosphere that is just as important to me as the women in my life that I've actually met...face to face.  And I feel honored and blessed to call them my friends.  I hope you know how amazing you each are.  And how much I love and treasure each and every one of you.  Fer Realz.

*I am the most impatient person ever.  I want to lose the weight yesterday, I want my hair to grow out right this instant, and I want my camera bag already.  Having kids is teaching me patience.  Slowly.  Which is too ironic even for me.

*I haven't seen a movie in the theater since Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  At least I think that was the last one I saw....

*I love my new car.  L-O-V-E love it. 

*I really dislike pumping my breastmilk.  But I enjoy being a nursing mother. 

*I have decided the reason I'm not losing weight is because....ahem...I don't exercise.  I'm working on fixing this.  Afterall, I have the gym membership. I just have to use it.

*I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the biggest surprise about motherhood is the guilt.  And it just gets worse with two.

*My current haircolor is 100% natural. No artificial colors or flavors. Pure as the driven snow.

*I secretly wish I was a rollergirl.

*And I'd really like to sing in a band. Just once.  Okay, maybe twice.

*Guiness is my favorite beer. Followed closely by Stella.

*I am a plethora of worthless knowledge.  I know so many random facts it even amazes me.  In high school my friends called me, "That's 'cuz" because I always responded to anything someone said with, "That's 'cuz...."and gave a reason.  Like, "that's cuz it takes 600 pounds of pulling force to remove the human head from the body."  Or, "that's cuz rubber bands last longer if you keep them in the refrigerator."  I have since dropped the "that's cuz" and have traded it in for "didjya know."  Maybe someday I'll land on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and it will all be worth it.  Until then, you're stuck hearing my random bits of trivia.




  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_TNzJtVQ8I
    Listen to this song and sing it with me:

    ha ha

  2. dont even get me started on the guilt associated w motherhood. i had no idea!!!!

  3. "If I get someone a gift or plan a surprise, it's all I can do not to tell them early."

    That must be a trait that comes from your mother's side. April has the same trait. Some day I'll get to December 15th without knowing what I'm getting for Christmas.

  4. My biggest surprises of motherhood:

    WORRY- I worry way more than I ever thought that I would. About things that I never thought that I would worry about.

    Fear of my kids losing me- I don't think that it is surprising to have at least some sort of fear/concern about losing your children, but in addition to that, I worry that something is going to happen to me before anyone is ready. :(

    But yeah- I do feel guilty about a bunch of things too.

  5. Here my dear daughter am I posting something. Reading your blog is like reading a well written book. I look forward to it every day. Motherhood. . . the best gift in the world for ALL the things that come with it.